Travel safer with your little ones

Did You Know?


It is unsafe and against the law for a child, below the height of 1.35m, to use an adult seat belt without a proper child seat.


Booster seats are for children ages 4-7 years old and aids to safely adjust the seat belt across the chest of the child, protecting the child from injury.

What is GrabFamily?

Booster Seats On-Demand

The first on-demand child booster seat equipped rides in Southeast Asia.

For Children Ages 4-7

Only for children between 1.0m and 1.35m tall, weighing 15-36 kg. Usually those who are around 4-7 years old.

An Innovative Development

10x smaller and just as safe, the mifold booster seat complies with strict safety regulations from USA, Canada and EU.

Only $2 More

Ride worry-free for only $2 more than your usual GrabCar fare.

One mifold Booster Seat

Our GrabFamily rides are each equipped with a mifold booster seat, suitable for one child.

Play your Part

Do check that the child booster seat is installed properly and that your little one is safely secured. And you're good to go!

Our Fares

Min Fare-
Base Fare$4.50
Per KM rate$0.50
Per Minute rate$0.16
Demand SurchargeBased on demand-supply ratio of cars in the area, capped at $100 (dynamic pricing).
Other surcharges include:

  • Additional waiting time ($3 for every 5 minutes)*

  • Toll charges (ERP / Sentosa) incurred from pick-up point to destination

  • Additional stops / additional distance ($5 per stop / per 5 km up to a maximum of 3 stops)**

  • mifold booster seat use ($2 per seat used)***

*A 5 minute grace period is provided during pick-up. If the driver is required to wait for the passenger for longer than 5 minutes, waiting time surcharges apply in 5 minute blocks.
**For example: 0 - 5km, $5 | 5.1 - 10km, $10 | 10.1 - 15km, $15 (distance here refers to extra travel distance above and beyond the original booked ride).
***Safer rides for your little ones are now our priority when you use GrabFamily - one/two booster seat(s) for a child aged 4-7 yrs will be provided for just $2 per seat more than your usual GrabCar fare.

How It Works

Here’s how to book a ride on GrabFamily: