Grab for Business

One-stop solution for business travel across Southeast Asia.


  • What is Grab for Business?

    Business Transportation Simplified

    Manage your regional travel expenditure in Southeast Asia with our paperless business transport solution.


“We save so much more time collectively across the organisation.”

Jeffrey Liu
Co-founder, GuavaPass


“It’s easier for the staff to do their claims and paperwork.”

Operations Manager, Air Asia

How does Grab for Business help companies?

Reduce Costs & Increase Productivity

Leading companies across Southeast Asia trust us to help control their travel spendings and streamline their claim process.

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Our trusted partners across Southeast Asia:

Park Hotel Group
Rainmaker Labs
Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group


Visibility Into Travel Expenditure


Visibility Into Travel Expenditure

Keep track of ride receipts and gain insight into your team’s travel behaviour on our Grab for Business portal. Accessing where and when your team is travelling allows you to create a cost-cutting plan on business travel.

Time Savings

Easy Expense Reporting

Time Savings

Easy Expense Reporting

Your team no longer needs to worry about tracking receipts. Grab’s ride receipts are easily accessible and can be automatically synced to Concur (an expense management platform) online, making claim submission a breeze.

Cost Control

Set Ride Policies

Cost Control

Set Ride Policies

Control business travel costs at your fingertips and trim unnecessary travel spendings wherever possible. Through our Grab for Business portal, you can set ride policies on when and where your team can use Grab for their business rides.

Billing Flexibility

Multiple Payment Options

Billing Flexibility

Multiple Payment Options

Whether you’re using corporate credit card or direct billing, you can manage group payments on our Grab for Business portal. Your team can also use their personal debit/credit card, e-voucher and even cash to pay for their Grab rides.

  • Corporate Assurance

    Safe & Insured Rides

    From town meetings to airports during peak-hours or late nights, we’ve got your rides covered.

    We incorporate safety measures into every step of your journey with Grab, from regional insurance coverage to 24/7 crisis support, ensuring you have peace of mind when riding with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tag business rides?

To tag your trips as Business Rides, follow these steps.

  • Tap on Personal to change your ride’s tag to your Grab for Business Group
  • Add a trip code or trip description if required by your company
  • Choose your payment method

If you need to change your trip tag, follow these steps.

  • Go to your Menu and tap on History.
  • Tap on the trip you wish to change.
  • Tap on Tag this trip as to change.
  • Do note that if the trip is not covered by your company policy.

How can I add more employees?

To prevent unauthorised claims from unknown sources, by default, only email addresses sharing the same domain can be added to Grab for Business.

We understand that there are certain groups that require multiple email domains, therefore the ability to enable this feature is done on a case-by-case basis. Do note that group settings are locked upon creation. Even after admin permissions
have been granted, only new groups are able to add users with other email domains.

To enable this function, contact us at with email subject Multiple Email Domain, together with the reason you are requesting to add users with other email domains to your group.

How do I receive ride statements?

If you are unable to receive your ride statement, you can take the following steps.

  • Verify settings
    To have your statements sent to you periodically, visit Grab Hub and select your group, and then Settings. From there, you can choose to have statements sent Weekly (sent every Monday) or Monthly (sent every first
    day of the month).

  • Check email address
    Go to your Grab app or Grab Hub. Tap on Menu and your profile picture or name. Check that your email address is correct.

  • Check your junk mail
    Go to your junk mail folder, search for Grab for Business. If found, change your settings to allow Grab emails to be received in the future.

  • Manually download statements
    If you wish to get your statement emailed to your corporate email address, visit Grab Hub and select your group, and then Rides. Set the month and any tags before clicking search. Click Download Statement
    PDF or CSV to have the search results compiled in a statement emailed to you.

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