Pick. Click. Ride.

Changing The Way Singapore Cycles.

Welcome to Southeast Asia’s
first bike-sharing marketplace app.

Instant access to a variety of brands.
Flexibility to unlock more bikes with just one app.

Setting The Wheels In Motion

Let’s Ride!!!

  • PICK

    Search and select the closest GrabCycle marketplace bicycle.


    Use GrabCycle to scan the QR code and unlock the bike. Pay with GrabPay Credits and enjoy 10X GrabRewards points points for every dollar spent.

  • RIDE

    Whee… enjoy your ride. And when you’re done, just hop off and lock up.

Pay Seamlessly & Safely

Via GrabPay Credits, which can also be used to pay for food and other Grab services too!

Enjoy Awesome Rewards

Every $1 spent gives you 10X GrabRewards points. Redeem points for discounts on your favourite brands

Best Deals For Wheels

For those who love getting the best value for money

Weekly Subscription

Price $1
Validity 7 days
Number of rides Unlimited
Deposit None

For those who want more flexibility

Pay As You Go

Price $0.50/30mins
Deposit (Refundable) $5

GrabCycle now

Note: The GrabCycle app is new and separate from the existing Grab app.
You will however need both for your riding convenience.


GrabCycle (Southeast Asia’s 1st bike-sharing marketplace app)is a new and separate app by Grab, designed to bring you end-to-end transportation convenience and accessibility, fulfilling your day-to-day transport needs.
As a marketplace app, you can use GrabCycle to unlock and ride bicycles from multiple brands (oBike, Anywheel, G BIkes and more to come!).

The benefits that you can get from GrabCycle are:

  • Hassle Free (you get the widest accessibility to various bike-sharing brands with just one app)
  • 10X GrabReward points ($1 = 10 GrabRewards points)
  • Pay seamlessly and safely with GrabPay Credits

Currently, you can use it on any and all OBikes in Singapore.
Our other bike-sharing partners (Anywheel, GBikes, PopScoot, etc.) will be available for your usage shortly!

You can use GrabCycle anywhere in Singapore!

Yes, you do. Kindly ensure that your Grab account has been updated to the latest version in order to use GrabCycle.

You will need to purchase GrabPay Credits to pay for your rides.
You will need a minimum amount of GrabPay Credits equivalent to either $1 if you want to purchase a subscription plan or $10 for Pay As You Go.
Unutilized GrabPay Credits can be utilized to pay for any future GrabCycle rides, Grab rides or GrabPay merchant in-store purchases.

In the Grab app, click on GrabPay at the top right corner, and top up your GrabPay Credits.
You can use your credit/debit card to purchase the required GrabPay Credits.

Park it responsibly where the bicycle is not obstructing traffic, walkways, entrances, underground passages or private property.
We encourage you to park at designated GrabCycle or bicycle parking areas for everyone’s safety and convenience.

Just trigger (physically push down) the bicycle lock located on top of the bicycle’s back wheel. This will automatically end the trip.
However, should your app indicate otherwise, even after the lock has been physically enforced, kindly ensure that your smartphone’s ‘Bluetooth’ functionality has been turned on and click on “end trip” on your GrabCycle app.

10 times GrabRewards points is given for every dollar spent on GrabCycle (that is equivalent to $1 spent = 10 GrabRewards points)
These points will be reflected in your Grab account within 3 working days.
To redeem, kindly open your Grab app and go to the GrabRewards tab for an extensive rewards catalogue.

A deposit is only required for the “Pay As You Go” pricing. If you would like to refund the deposit, you may request for the refund through your GrabCycle app. Refund will be processed and credited within 3 working days.

Should you have purchased a subscription plan, there are NO deposits required.