Minivans or buses when you need them.

Why GrabCoach?

Range of Vehicles with Larger Capacities

Choose a size that fits your needs.

Transparent, Fixed Fares

Know your exact fare before you book.

Accepts both last-minute and advance bookings

Book up to 7 days in advance.

Flexible Payment Options

Accepts both cash and card payments.

Our Offerings


Our Fares

Base Fare (1-way within Singapore)$65$95$150
Surcharges include:
Midnight surcharge
(12:00 Midnight - 6:00 AM)
Additional waiting time (every 15min)$10$10$10
Additional stops (for every stop within 10km)$10$10$10

How It Works

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GrabCoach is a product under the Grab app that allows passengers to charter different-sized buses and vans to move larger-sized groups.

No, simply use the same Grab app and just select the relevant GrabCoach icon to make your booking.

13-seater: Toyota Hiace, Toyota Hiroof, Nissan Urvan
23-seater: Mitsubishi Rosa, Toyota Coaster
40-seater: Scania, Volvo, BYD

GrabCoach allows you to quickly make a booking and get immediate confirmation, with a transparent fixed fare structure.

Absolutely. All vehicles and drivers are appropriately licensed and are covered under commercial insurance.

You can create all your bookings through the GrabCoach tab in the Grab app. Just set your pick-up and drop-off points, schedule a trip from 5 minutes before to 7 days in advance, and select ‘Book’. Our servers will look for an available driver.

After filling in your pick-up and drop-off points, click on the ‘Now’ tab and enter your desired date and time.

Once a driver has been assigned, you will receive details on the assigned driver in your app.

The base fares are fixed depending on the size of the vehicle. Additional surcharges may apply (i.e. midnight, waiting time and additional stops).

Payment is easy! You can choose to pay via debit/credit card, GrabPay credits or cash, but please remember to select either option before you make the booking.

Yes, additional surcharges apply for extra stops made. Kindly refer to additional surcharges under the relevant GrabCoach sections.

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Drivers on the Grab platform can get access to more jobs without having to do their own marketing or manage payments or customer service.

You can choose to pick-up passengers paying by either debit/credit card, GrabPay credits or cash depending on their booking made. If you pick-up a passenger using GrabPay, your earnings will be credited directly into a digital driver wallet created when you were approved as a driver. This wallet credit can be cashed out at any time. All you have to do is provide us with your bank account details the very first time you ask to cashout.

ERP charges are not included in the fixed fare that is shown at the time of booking. The passenger will incur ERP charges if the route taken has ERP. The charges will be included in the passenger’s final fare.