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With more to offer, comes more rewards

Christmas and New Year may have just passed, but there is no time for rest because Chinese New Year is now fast approaching.

Plans for reunion dinners.. families to fetch and drop off.. food to prepare.. clothes to buy.. and of course, a home to clean!  

It is around this time that most would quake at the thought of more to do, but fret not! To help ease your worries, here is Grab’s Chinese New Year Checklist and suggestions to help you usher in the Year of the Pig with the aid of its many services.

Give Yourself a Makeover
No better time to preach the “New Year, New Me” mantra as you prepare to meet family members and curious aunties who only have the utter most kaypohness concern for your health and love life. Why else would they be constantly asking when will you be getting married and comment on how well you have been eating? Show them that all their concerns are for naught with a new hairdo and wardrobe makeover as you usher in the Year of the Pig with style.

Suggestion: Save yourself the hassle of driving and searching for parking. Grab yourself to around this hectic season and just GrabPay for your pampering sessions.

‘KonMarie’ your home
Now is definitely the time to embrace your inner Marie Kondo and spring clean your home, keeping only those that sparks joy and ushers in good fengshui, filling it with good luck for the new year! It is also around this time that many people take the opportunity to repaint their homes and fix anything that’s broken while putting up the decorations.

Suggestion: Just buy it online with Grab’s discount vouchers and get it delivered to you!

Get Ready for the Auspicious Toss
Food is an important part of Chinese New Year as observed through the careful preparation of the reunion dinner on Chinese New Year eve. Each name and look of the dishes represents wishes for prosperity, happiness and auspiciousness. For example, noodles represent longevity; the longer the noodle strand, the longer your life, or prawns (har) to represent joy. Likewise, the timeless Yee Sang also plays a pivotal role at Chinese New Year gatherings as the ingredients and the act of lo hei (tossing) symbolises prosperity. While most still like to cook at home, sometimes it may not always be possible.

Suggestion: Let GrabFood deliver your lo hei and Chinese New Year dishes so you can spend more time bonding!

Prepare Red Ang Pows
The token red ang pows usually given by married couples are a sign of goodwill. Be sure to stock up on the red packets and fresh notes in advance to beat the queues at the bank which can get long closer to Chinese New Year. Or worst, they run out of money! But sometimes handling and carrying so much cash can be daunting, and of course the worry you might be caught ang pau-less when you bump into your second aunty’s husband’s sister’s daughter’s husband’s cousin’s children!

Suggestion: Why not consider e-ang pau and just transfer the money to them via your Grab app? Plus, from 4th until 19th February you stand a chance to win bonus ang pow and prizes! They huat, you also huat ah!

Tip: Avoid giving amounts with the number four as it is traditionally associated with misfortune! People often gift ang pows with a denomination of eight (as it represents a lucky number), or in even numbers, following the traditional saying, “good things come in pairs!”

Plan Your Driver Duties
Amidst getting ready for Chinese New Year, there will undoubtedly be a lot of driving around from house to house, from airport to hotel and so on as your family and relatives arrives and for house visitations. With so many schedules to consider, planning and coordinating the logistics can be a nightmare.

Suggestion: Let Grab send you and your relatives to where you need to be safely, and conveniently while avoiding the petrol, parking and toll charges during this busy period.

The More the Better with Grab
Let Grab be part of your ongsome preparation and celebration. With more than just rides, the Grab Prosperity Pack has so much more to offer ranging from discount vouchers and codes to take care of your food, shopping and pampering! Just open your Grab App to get your Grab Prosperity Pack for only RM0.88 from 25 Jan, while stocks last.

In addition, beginning from 4 – 19 Feb 2019, be awarded 88 GrabRewards points for the first three Grab e-angbao (minimum RM1) sent to your loved ones. Apart from that, you can also stand a chance to win 18,888 GrabRewards Point for every 88th e-angbao sent via the Grab app.

So much ‘fatt’ awaits you exclusively this Chinese New Year from Grab!

For more information, log on to Grab More Services More Better


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