More diners to satisfy.
More business for you.

Grow your business by getting your food out the door and onto the tables of hungry customers.

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Why be a GrabFood Merchant-partner

Market to our customers.

Grow your business by tapping on our marketing channels to reach millions of hungry Grab customers.

No extra staff.

With the largest delivery fleet in Southeast Asia, you get your own delivery service without adding to your headcount.

Keep them coming back.

Reward and retain your customers by leveraging on the GrabRewards loyalty programme.

Know your customers.

Get access to tools that help you track, analyse and improve your business online.

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GrabFood is our food delivery service that brings great food from local restaurants, straight to the doorsteps of hungry customers.

We help drive additional business to your restaurant or stall! Working with us allows you to tap into millions of hungry customers on Grab, allowing you to extend your business into the online space!

You will need to provide the following documents to become a Merchant-partner:

1) Copy of Bank Account Details
2) Copy of Business Documents – Form 9,13,49
3) Copy of identification card/passport of the director/officer of the Merchant who is signing the Agreement
4) Copy of business license (must be current and not expired) for each Restaurant
5) Copy of insurance policy covering all Restaurants (must be current and not expired)
6) Copy of Halal certificate (if applicable)

  • Register your interest here
  • A Grab representative will reach out to you to complete your registration
  • We will help you populate your online storefront on GrabFood and provide all the necessary equipment you need to get started.

Yes, you can if you have the required business licenses and documents above.