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Malaysians Showing Love to Frontliners With Over RM2.4 million in Tips Via Grab

Insights on Malaysians' growing tipping habit and Grab introduces in-transit tipping.

“It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are,
we all can help lift each other up.
It just takes one act of random kindness” – Grab user

As Malaysians embrace the new normal, our sense of appreciation for those who make our lives more convenient is also growing. This is evident with the various stories we see and hear of appreciative Malaysians expressing gratitude to frontliners. In addition, Grab users have also taken to tipping to show their gratitude to driver and delivery riders – contributing over RM2.4 million in tips throughout the movement control period!

Here’s more of what we found out about Malaysians’ growing tipping habit on the Grab platform:

  • Tipping on the Grab platform grew by over 75%!
    Malaysians showed their appreciation to their Grab driver and delivery riders during this period with a 75% increase in tips given compared to before the movement control began. In fact, one user was so generous he gave a RM500 tip! Here’s what the user had to say:

    This driver was delivering a package for me, and even though it was difficult to find my location, he remained calm throughout. What motivated me to tip him that much came down to one simple act – to show gratitude and thanks to our neighbours. It doesn’t matter what your profession or circumstances are, we all can help lift each other up. It just takes one act of random kindness. And secretly, if you give a tip through the app, the driver or rider won’t be able to refuse too! –
    John Smith, Grab user.

  • Klang Valley generated the most tips and Kuala Terengganu received the highest average tips per booking!
    Grab users in Klang Valley were by far the most frequent tippers, with more than RM160,000 in tips given. Klang Valley might have garnered the most tips but Kuala Terengganu was the most generous with the highest average tip value per booking in the country.

  • 1 in every 30 bookings received a tip!
    More Malaysians are beginning to tip, be it for their food or parcel deliveries and even rides. 1 in every 30 bookings across the Grab platform are tipped by Malaysians as compared to before the movement control commenced where it was only 1 in every 100 bookings. On average, Malaysians spent more than RM30,000 a day giving tips to their drivers and delivery riders.
  • The service with the most tips was GrabFood!
    With movement control and social distancing, many of our delivery-riders have been on the receiving end of generous users. In fact, delivery services on Grab garnered the most amount of tips with more than RM2 million. Whereas before the MCO, ride hailing bookings typically received the most amount of tips.

The pandemic has definitely changed the way we go about our days, however, it’s enlightening to see that more Malaysians are always keeping frontliners in their thoughts and minds.

We have also received feedback that many of our users sometimes forget to tip their driver and delivery-partners. Encouraged by this and the growing tipping culture, Grab recently launched a new feature on the platform to enable in-transit tipping. This means users will no longer need to wait till after the job is completed to tip their driver or delivery-partners in fear that they might forget.

As we continue to adapt to the new normal, let’s all do what we can to continue showing our appreciation to those who are making it easier for us all.


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