Travel safely with your little ones.

We understand how challenging it is to travel with a child!

When you are on the move with your family, it’s not always convenient to take your child restraints around. Well, fret not!

Commute HASSLE-FREE and SAFELY with your child when you choose GrabFamily! Focus on having a good time and leave the rest to us!

What’s GrabFamily?

GrabFamily is the largest child-friendly ride-hailing fleet in Singapore. All GrabFamily rides are equipped with 1 child restraint device for children aged 1 – 7 years old, below 1.35 metres in height.

GrabFamily is divided into 2 categories:

GrabFamily (Ages 1-3)
GrabFamily (Ages 4-7)
Suitable for passengers Between 1 – 3 years old
Below 1 metre
Between 4 – 7 years old
Between 1 – 1.35 metres
Equipped with 1 car seat
(Urban Kanga / IMMI GO)
1 booster seat
Surcharge per seat used $5 $2

Why GrabFamily?

Road traffic injuries are one of the leading contributors of childhood injuries in Singapore. In an interview with Elise Mawson, founder and expert Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor of Taxi Baby Co., she highlighted that:

“Children are not simply small versions of adults and they cannot be adequately protected in a road traffic accident with an adult seat belt, a fabric baby carrier, or an adult’s arms.”

Every day, thousands of children in Singapore rely on Grab to get around. According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), all passengers below 1.35 metres must be belted up with age-appropriate child restraint devices when travelling in a private-hire vehicle. It is our priority at Grab to create a safer everyday for you and your children.

GrabFamily Safety Tips

The car seat and booster seat offered on GrabFamily are specially hand-picked to provide the same benefits that comply with the strict regulations in USA, Canada, and EU. In addition, all GrabFamily driver-partners are trained to install the child restraint devices and safely secure your little ones.

Here are some useful tips for a seamless journey:

1. Select the correct GrabFamily ride. If you are travelling with a child between 1 – 3 years old and below 1 metre, choose GrabFamily (Ages 1-3). If you are travelling with a child between 4 – 7 years old and between 1 – 1.35 metres, choose GrabFamily (Ages 4-7) for a 4-seater vehicle or GrabFamily 6 (Ages 4-7) for a 6-seater vehicle.

2. Choose pickup and drop-off points that are safe. To safeguard your children and our driver-partners, select locations that are suitable to set up the restraint devices and buckle up your kids. Avoid pickup points such as bus stops and taxi stands.

3. Ready, Buckle, Go. If you wish to buckle up your child by yourself, ensure that the restraint device is properly set up and your little one is safely secured.

How It Works

Here’s how to book a ride on GrabFamily:


According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), all passengers below 1.35 metres must be belted up with age-appropriate child restraint devices when travelling in a private-hire vehicle. For more information, please visit the Singapore Police Force website.

It is not mandatory for child passengers riding in taxis to use restraint devices. However, for the safety of your children, we strongly encourage you to either bring your own age-appropriate child restraint devices or, for a more convenient option, book GrabFamily to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Unfortunately, GrabFamily is only suitable for child passengers between 1 – 7 years old and 1 – 1.35 metres. If you are commuting with a baby below 12 months old, please bring your own restraint device that is designed and approved for infants.

If you booked a GrabFamily (Ages 4-7) ride, the first surcharge has been included in the base fare. For any additional use, each mifold is available at $2 per booster seat.

We strongly encourage your child to remain securely restrained during the entire journey.

For insurance to provide coverage, always ensure that the child restraints are installed and that your child is properly secured throughout the commute. This is applicable for all GrabCar rides, including GrabFamily and JustGrab.