Introducing GrabAssist: Accessibility for all.

We all have places to go. And having the freedom to move as we please can be empowering. Grab is taking its mission forward to bring safe rides to all by introducing GrabAssist.

What is GrabAssist?

GrabAssist drivers are trained in helping out passengers with different accessibility needs. These drivers have undergone training, so they can provide safe and convenient rides to persons with disability, the elderly, or anyone who needs an extra pair of hands.

What is so special about GrabAssist rides?

A GrabAssist driver will have a few practical skills to ensure their riders are comfortable from start to finish:

  • Handling of folding wheelchairs, walkers, collapsible scooters, and other mobility devices.
  • Helping with transfer between the wheelchair and the vehicle.
  • Offering assistance to the elderly.
  • Sensitivity training.

How do I book a GrabAssist ride?

GrabAssist cars are booked the same way as any other Grab ride. You will find GrabAssist under the list of available economy rides in the Grab app.

Useful booking tips

  •  When making your ride request, you can relay any message to your driver by adding a note to your trip.
  • Once a driver has accepted your ride, you can also reach out to them by phone or through GrabChat.
  • Rides might take a while to be assigned and to arrive at your location. We are working hard to get more GrabCars on board this new service.