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Pay for your Grab services only at the end of every month,
with no additional charges.

PayLater is a new postpaid service for Grab rides, food deliveries and more.

Activate it on your Grab app now, and instantly receive a pre-approved monthly PayLater Amount* that you can use for all your Grab transactions. At the end of every month, your PayLater spend will be consolidated into one single bill that you can settle before the due date using your GrabPay balance, thus saving you the hassle of multiple payments.

1. No hidden rates or additional charges if bills are settled on time.
2. One monthly statement for all your Grab services.
3. No registration needed and instant activation.
4. Seamless bill payment using your GrabPay balance.

Or scroll down to learn how to activate PayLater on your app.

How it works for you

  • Activate PayLater on your app
  • Settle your bill