When travelling is easy, travel insurance should be too.

We all love to travel, but the same can’t be said for travel insurance. The application and buying process often takes too long, is complicated, and not consumer friendly. Well, we feel your pain.

That’s why, in partnership with Chubb, we created Travel Cover. An innovative and fuss-free solution to buying travel insurance for your next vacation, holiday, or business trip. From getting an instant quote to saving your travelers’ profiles and payment details on the Grab App, we’ve got you covered!

Why Travel Cover?

Seamless purchase

Get an instant quotation and purchase directly from the Grab App


Store your own and your travel companions’ profiles for easy future purchase

Competitive pricing

Premiums start as low as S$2.50 per day

Loyalty rewards

Unlock discounts and offers for your next purchase

How much does it cost?

Region Price per day
ASEAN S$2.50
APAC S$3.25
Worldwide excluding USA, Canada, Cuba S$4.40
Worldwide excluding Cuba S$4.90

ASEAN: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

APAC: Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan, Macau SAR, Mongolia, New Zealand, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Timor-Leste

Get a quote now!

Travel Coverage Information

Travel Cover offers comprehensive travel protection from as low as $2.50 per day. Enjoy up to S$200,000 compensation covering benefits from personal accident protection and overseas medical expenses to baggage and travel delays.

Benefit Coverage Sum Insured

Personal Accident

– For child

Up to S$200,000

– Up to S$20,000


Overseas Medical Expenses

– For child

– Maximum S$750.00 for Traditional Chinese Medicine Expenses

Up to S$150,000

– Up to S$30,000

3. Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Unlimited
4. Repatriation of Mortal Remains Unlimited
5. Overseas Hospital Visit Up to S$4,000
6. Overseas Compassionate Visit Up to S$5,000

Loss of or Damage to Personal Property and Baggage

– Maximum S$150 per Article or set of Article

– Maximum S$300 for Money

– Maximum S$1,000 for Laptop

Up to S$3,000

Baggage Delay

– S$200 per 6 consecutive hours

Up to S$400

Travel Delay

– S$200 per 6 consecutive hours

Up to S$400
10. Journey Cancellation Up to S$1,000
11. Journey Curtailment Up to S$1,000
12. Credit Card Indemnity Up to S$2,000
13. Personal Liability Up to S$500,000
14. Child Education Grant S$2,500
15. Home Guard S$5,000
16. 24-Hour Travel Assistance Included
17. 24-Hour Medical Assistance Included
18. Terrorism Extension Included


1. Information of COVID-19 for Travel Policies purchased on or after 9 October 2020

MoH has issued a travel advisory against all travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, except for travel permitted under special arrangements. For all policies purchased on or after 9 October 2020, travel cover will be available even where the insured’s travel is contrary to the above advisory, subject to all policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Our policies will continue to exclude all claims of any kind directly or indirectly arising from, relating to or in any way connected with COVID-19 (or any mutation or variation thereof or any related strain) and/or its outbreak. Please refer to our FAQs to learn more.

For more information, you can contact Chubb at: 

Hotline: +65 6299 0988 (Mondays – Fridays, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, excluding public holidays)

Refund or change policy effective date: CustomerService.SG@chubb.com

Claim related: TravelClaims.SG@Chubb.com

No. You must purchase your policy before you depart Singapore.

If you wish to change or update the details for your policy, please contact Chubb at +65 6299 0988 (Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, excluding Public Holidays). Please note that any change made directly with Chubb will not be reflected in your policy on the Grab App.

You will need to purchase another new policy to cover any extended dates you make (before your trip starts or during your trip). If you need to make a claim, you must provide all the policy numbers

Go to Grab app > Insurance > Travel Cover and click on the profile icon on the top right corner.

  • Yes. Cover commences at the time you leave your place of residence in Singapore to go directly to your departure point, or 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of the carrier in which you have arranged to travel, whichever is later.
  • Coverage ceases when you return to your place of residence in Singapore, or 3 hours after the scheduled arrival time of the carrier in which you travel, or the date on which the policy is terminated, whichever is the earliest.
  • Singapore residents who are at least 18 years of age, up to and including 75 years of age.
  • If the traveller is below 18 years of age, his/her guardian can enter into this contract of insurance on behalf of the traveller.
  • Travellers who are departing from and returning to Singapore.

No. You may purchase a single policy together with your friend.

No. The policy does not offer coverage for any pregnancy-related condition that results from or is a complication of pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage (except miscarriage due to accidental injury).

No. We do not cover any pre-existing medical conditions which the insured person was diagnosed, treated or knew about before the effective date of the Travel Cover.

Yes. In the event of a claim arising directly from an act of terrorism, the policy covers you whilst you are on a journey. Coverage applies to all benefits other than journey cancellation, provided that it does not involve the use of biological agents, chemical agents or nuclear devices.

  • Yes. Activities that are accessible to the general public without restriction (other than height or general health or fitness warnings) and which are provided by a recognised local tour operator are covered, and that you are acting under the guidance and supervision of qualified guides and/or instructors of the tour operators when carrying out such tourist activities.
  • We do not cover any sports or sporting activities that present a high level of inherent danger (i.e. involves a high level of expertise, exceptional physical exertion, highly specialised gear or stunts) including but not limited to big wave surfing, canoeing down rapids, cliff jumping, horse jumping, ultra-marathons, biathlons, triathlons and stunt riding.

You can submit a claim online via Chubb’s Claim Centre. 

No. You do not have to pay any excess. We will pay the full benefit amount up to the sum insured if you satisfy the terms and conditions of Travel Cover.

Our Chubb Assistance team is ready to assist you. Please call the 24-hour hotline: +65 6836 2922 for immediate support.

To purchase Travel Cover, please ensure you have sufficient balance in your GrabPay Wallet. If the purchase is still unsuccessful, please submit the Help Centre form so we can assist you.

Got a question?

Contact Chubb Customer Service at +65 6299 0988 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am – 5.00pm, excluding Public Holidays.)

Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited, via acquisitions by its predecessor companies, has been present in Singapore since 1948. Chubb in Singapore provides underwriting and risk management expertise for all major classes of general insurance. The company’s product offerings include Financial Lines, Casualty, Property, Marine, Industry Practices as well as Group insurance solutions for large corporates, multinationals, small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, to meet the evolving needs of consumers, it also offers a suite of tailored Accident & Health and Personal & Specialty insurance options through a multitude of distribution channels including bancassurance, independent distribution partners and affinity partnerships.

Over the years, Chubb in Singapore has established strong client relationships by delivering responsive service, developing innovative products and providing market leadership built on financial strength. 

More information can be found at www.chubb.com/sg.

Travel Cover is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited. Co. Regn. No. 199702449H and distributed by GrabInsure Insurance Agency (S) Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary with the Grab Group of Companies.

Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

COVID-19 has dealt an unprecedented blow to the tourism industry, affecting the livelihoods of millions of workers. One of them was Komsan, an assistant chef in a luxury hotel based in the Srinakarin area.

As the number of tourists at the hotel plunged, he decided to sign up as a GrabFood delivery-partner to earn an alternative income. Soon after, the hotel ceased operations.

Komsan has viewed this change through an optimistic lens, calling it the perfect opportunity for him to embark on a fresh journey after his previous job. Aside from GrabFood deliveries, he now also picks up GrabExpress jobs. It can get tiring, having to shuttle between different locations, but Komsan finds it exciting. And mostly, he’s glad to get his income back on track.