Stay on top of your budget with PayLater

Activate PayLater and consolidate your Grab transactions into a single monthly bill for easy tracking and budgeting. The best part? You pay for them next month – all at no extra charge.

What is PayLater?

PayLater is a new postpaid service for Grab rides, GrabFood orders and GrabExpress deliveries. When you activate PayLater, you get instant access to a pre-approved PayLater Amount that can be used for your Grab transactions. At the end of the month, your transactions will be consolidated into a single bill that you can settle using your GrabPay balance before the due date.

Why activate PayLater?

Get one consolidated bill at the end of month

Get up to 30 days to pay for Grab services

No extra charges if bill payment is made on time

Get instant access to pre-approved monthly amount

Or scroll down to learn how to activate PayLater on your app.

*Please ensure you are on Grab app version 5.44 or above before activating PayLater.


  • Activate PayLater
  • Select PayLater as Payment Method
  • Pay Outstanding Amount
  • Settle Monthly Bill

PayLater can be used to pay for:

  1. Grab rides
  2. GrabFood orders
  3. GrabExpress deliveries

Yes, you will get the same amount of GrabRewards points when you use PayLater or GrabPay. 

No, there are no hidden fees and charges to use PayLater.

For users who pay on time, no penalty fees will be charged. If you do not pay the bill by the due date, your PayLater service will be suspended and you will be charged an admin fee of $10 for the suspension of PayLater.

As of now, only eligible Grab users will be offered the option to pay using PayLater. Eligibility depends on various factors, such as how long you have been a Grab user, the number of rides you have taken with Grab, your GrabRewards tier and more.

Please ensure you are on Grab app version 5.44 or above before activating PayLater. 

Yes, you will need to activate PayLater if you wish to start using it as a payment method. To activate PayLater, you can open your Grab app and go to Payment > PayLater > Try PayLater Now.

Once you activate PayLater, it will be set as your Primary Payment Method for Grab rides, GrabFood orders and GrabExpress deliveries. 

Each user will be assigned a unique PayLater Available Amount based on their user profile. 

Unfortunately, PayLater Available Amounts cannot be changed at this point.

Once you have activated PayLater, it will be selected as your Primary Payment method. For Grab rides, GrabFood orders and GrabExpress deliveries, your payment method is automatically selected to be PayLater, but you can change this anytime.

You can go to Payment > PayLater > View Details to view your current Spent Amount, Available Amount and Transaction History.

No, you will only be able to use PayLater in Singapore. It will be disabled when you travel to other countries.

Your billing period will be from the 1st of each month to the last day of the month, regardless of when PayLater was activated. Your bill will be generated on the 1st of the following month. For example, if your billing period is from 1 March to 31 March, your bill will be generated and sent to you on 1st April.

The payment due date will be by the 7th of the month in which the bill was generated. For example, if your bill was generated on 1st April, you will need to settle the outstanding amount by 7th April.

You can settle your monthly bill using your GrabPay balance. You may top up your GrabPay Wallet using credit or debit card to ensure you have sufficient balance to settle your bill. To make payment, you can go to Payment > PayLater > Pay Now.

Yes, you will receive regular payment reminders before the due date to help you avoid any fees.

Please enable all your notifications so that you receive timely reminders. You can go to Account > Settings > Communications to activate reminders. Please check your spam email folder to ensure that you receive your monthly billing emails.

Please settle the bill when you are back in Singapore. Kindly reach out to us via Help Centre to request for a waiver of the admin fee charged before you make a payment. Unfortunately, you cannot settle the bill while out of the country but we are working hard to fix this!

You can change your default payment method by going to Payment > Settings (in the top right corner) and selecting your preferred payment method. Alternatively, you can also change your payment method when you book a ride or make a GrabFood order.

Available for selected users only.
PayLater is offered to you pursuant to a tie-up between Grab and third-party service providers. As part of such tie-up, these service providers grant you deferred payment terms and GFin Services (S) Pte. Ltd. purchases your sums owed to them. The use of PayLater does not constitute a loan, credit card or charge card provided to you by Grab.