Important Announcement

We will be announcing a revised version of the GRBeyond Loyalty Program in Aug 2020,
and it will commence from Sep 2020. So do keep a look out for it!

Hirer-Partners who were part of the GRBeyond Loyalty Program on 9 Apr 2020 will also be provided
further 1-day free rental per week on Sunday 22 Jun 2020 - 12 Jul 2020.

Kindly note the following arrangements regarding free Sunday rental:
    • Free Sunday rental on 5 Jul 2020 - will be paid as rebate into credit wallet on 6 Jul 2020
    • Free Sunday rental on 12 Jul 2020 - will be paid as rebate into credit wallet on 13 Jul 2020


What will change?

How many tiers will there be?

How to earn stamps?

Every quarter, we will send you an email in a form of a passport template - your 'GRBeyond Passport'.

Here's an example of the GRBeyond passport.

GRBeyond Passport

Name: [GrabRentals Hirer-Partner]
Email: [Grab registered email]

GRBeyond Benefits

Claimed Balance
MC & Hospitalisation* X
Compassionate X
Rental Holiday** X
Tenure-Based Rental Holiday*** X

GRBeyond Stamps

Criteria Stamps
On-time payment
Servicing Attendance
Event Attendance

GRBeyond Bonus Stamps

Bonus Stamps
x 5

*Vehicle should not be utilised for your own safety. 50km of contingency use is allowed.

**For 12/24 months contacts only. 

***For eligible hirers with GrabRentals over 12 months.


How to check your tiers & stamps?

Simply lookout for your GRBeyond passport via your Grab registered email.

What can you redeem?

1 stamp
2 stamps
3 stamps
4 stamps
5 stamps
1 stamp
5 stamps
1 stamp

& many more rewards from our partner-merchants coming soon!

What benefits do you enjoy?

Life is filled with uncertainty, but your rental doesn't have to be. GrabRentals extends a limited number of rental waivers when you need them most.

For Medical & Hospitalisation Reasons*

Contract duration Rental recovery days
3 months 3 days
6 months 6 days
12 months 12 days
24 months 24 days (max 12 days per year)

*For your own safety, please note that the vehicle should not be utilised for ride-hailing purposes. 50km of contingency use is allowed.

For Compassionate Reasons

Contract duration Rental recovery days
3 months 2 days
6 months 2 days
12 months 2 days
24 months 2 days

How to submit application?

  1. Go to http://grb.to/grbeyondapplication
  2. Fill up the application form
  3. Attach relevant documents
  4. Submit!

Extra time off for vacation!

Bond with your family & friends!

Contract duration Free Rental Holidays
12 months 7 days
24 months 14 days (max 7 days per year)

*Only for 12-months and 24-months contracts..

How to submit application?

  1. Go to http://grb.to/grbeyondapplication
  2. Fill up the application form
  3. Attach relevant documents
  4. Submit!

7 additional days of rental holiday

Be rewarded for your loyalty!

Years with GrabRentals Additional Rental Holiday
Less than 1 Not eligible
More than 1 +3 Days
More than 2 +5 days
More than 3 +7 days

This is completely stackable with your benefit from
Rental Recovery Holiday under GR Beyond.


How to submit application?

  1. Go to http://grb.to/grbeyondapplication
  2. Fill up the application form
  3. Submit!

Enjoy 30% discount instantly on each fuel purchase

In partnership with Caltex, GrabRentals presents to you the highest fuel discount!

What’s more, you can also get your car washed at a discounted rate of only $6!

Find out more here.

SURPRISE! We have a gift for you!

Look out for an email or SMS from us on your birthday month!

Receive 10 GRBeyond stamps for Zero Claim

More info coming soon!

Protect your interests while you’re on the road!

We know that accidents are costly, even with excess coverage.

That’s why we’re introducing the new Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), exclusively for our GrabRentals hirer-partners!

In the event of an accident, the new CDW scheme will see costs reduced by up to 80%, which means you could possibly pay as low as $428. No more hefty costs!

We will also provide you with a free replacement vehicle!

Find out more info here.

We look forward to catch up with you!

View our past event here.


What is GRBeyond?

GRBeyond is the official GrabRentals Loyalty Program that offers a range of benefits exclusively for GrabRentals hirer-partners to get the most out of their rental experience! All GrabRentals hirer-partners (excluding hirer-partners on ‘no-frills’ contracts) are automatically-enrolled into the GRBeyond Loyalty Program.

Are GrabRentals hirer-partners on open contracts eligible for GRBeyond?

GrabRentals hirer-partners on open contracts are eligible for GRBeyond.

However, certain benefits like rental holidays or medical rental recovery days require them to re-contract for 4, 8, 12 or 24 months as these benefits depend on their current GrabRentals contract length.

How does GRBeyond differ from Emerald Circle and RentalShield?

Although both follow the same quarterly cycle, Emerald Circle is the loyalty programme for all GrabCar drivers (which includes GrabRentals hirer-partners), while GRBeyond is the loyalty programme exclusively for GrabRentals hirer-partners only.

RentalShield is a program where benefits are extended to hirers from GrabRentals & Fleet Partners for the 1 Oct 2019 – 30 Sep 2020 period.

Hence, GrabRentals hirer-partners are able to enjoy benefits from GRBeyond, Emerald Circle and RentalShield simultaneously!

What benefits do I get by renting from GrabRentals?

Depending on your contract length, you are eligible to receive GRBeyond benefits such as 30% fuel discount, rental holidays, MC recovery days, tenure-based benefits & more! 

Furthermore, you can earn GRBeyond stamps that can be used to redeem even MORE rewards by fulfilling certain criteria each quarter.

What additional rewards could I receive from the GRBeyond program?

By fulfilling a series of criteria each quarter, you earn GRBeyond stamps that can be used to redeem additional rewards such as Grab credits, shopping vouchers, car accessories, exclusive offers from our merchant partners & more! 

We are constantly adding on our rewards selection, stay tuned!

How do I earn GRBeyond stamps?

You can earn stamps by fulfilling a variety of criteria such as being accident-free, fine-free, attending selected GrabRentals events, being on-time for servicing, and making payments on-time.

No AR/CR, DR or trip count requirements here!

What is a GRBeyond Tier?

GRBeyond has two tiers – Classic & Achiever.

You are automatically enrolled into the Classic tier when you rent from GrabRentals. You will attain the Achiever tier by earning 5 stamps over a given quarter.

Will GrabRentals update me regarding my latest GRBeyond stamps & tier?

Yes! We send out regular GrabRentals newsletters via email to update you on the total number of stamps you have accumulated & tier for that particular quarter.

You will automatically be subscribed to the emails as a GrabRentals hirer; hence, kindly make sure you have not unsubscribed from our email list in order to get the latest updates about your progress & GrabRentals news as well!

Alternatively, you could also drop by the Grab Driver Centre at Midview City to track your stamps & tier.

Do my GRBeyond stamps have an expiration date?

Stamps are valid for one quarter; hence, they will refresh every 3 months.

What happens to unused stamps from the previous quarter?

Unused stamps from the previous quarter will be forfeited. We will be sending you reminders to utilise your remaining stamps either via email or SMS nearing the end of the quarter.

 How can I use my stamps to redeem GRBeyond rewards?

You can redeem rewards through our online reward redemption form:

Upon approval, Grab credits will be topped up your credit wallet within 14 business days, while physical rewards like vouchers or car accessories must be claimed (also within 14 days) at the Grab Driver Centre at Midview City.

Alternatively, you could also do the entire redemption process at Grab Driver Centre at Midview City.

When can I redeem GRBeyond rewards?

You can redeem GRBeyond rewards every calendar quarter (i.e. Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec).

Since stamps are refreshed every quarter, we strongly suggest that you redeem your rewards before the last month of each cycle, and to max out your stamps in one go to minimise the risk of forfeited or forgotten stamps.

It may also be beneficial to redeem your stamps at the first half of each quarter as the high-demand rewards may run out before end of the quarter.

How could I give feedback on GRBeyond or find information not listed here?

You may reach us via our hotline at +65 3138 8644. We are available from 10.30am-6pm every Monday-Friday, excluding Public Holidays.