A Slice of Italy

From pizza to pasta, people can't get enough of Italian food!

Italian Food Delivery Malaysia

When you’re hungry for something comforting and filling, nothing beats authentic Italian food! Known for their hearty fare, we have the Italians to thank for the wonderful food options available today. Be it some savoury pasta for a romantic date night in or a piping hot pizza to share with friends or colleagues, you can count on GrabFood’s Italian food delivery service to deliver the magic of Italian cuisine to you, fuss-free!

Loved by Locals

From pizza to pasta, people can’t get enough of Italian food! No surprise there, when only a few simple ingredients such as vegetables, meat and sauces come together to create a dish that’s amazingly delicious, you will keep wanting more. Here are some Italian dishes that are a hit among Malaysians:

Pasta: The different types of pasta varieties are endless – there are numerous lengths, shapes and textures. Some of the more familiar pasta include spaghetti, penne, linguine and even lasagne. Paired with a diverse selection of sauces, you can get flavourful pasta dishes ranging from the beloved Bolognese to the delectable Carbonara.

italian pasta delivery malaysia

Pizza: Italians love their pizza and rightfully so! One of the most popular foods in the world, this Italian creation comes with an assortment of toppings in varying degrees of thickness. Who can resist a classic thin crust Margherita that contains years of tradition or a hearty Pepperoni pizza with all the trimmings?

Antipasti: Antipasti, or appetisers, are a significant part of any formal Italian meal. Traditionally acting as the first course, dishes of cured meats, olives and various cheeses among others are served, marking the meal’s official beginning. Bruschetta, carpaccio, fritti and prosciutto are just some of the antipasti you can find in an Italian restaurant.

italian pizza delivery malaysia

Dolce: An Italian word meaning ‘sweet’, dolce is the part of the meal where classic Italian desserts are enjoyed. Tiramisu, profiteroles and pannacotta, anyone? These sweet treats are sinfully decadent and worth every calorie.

A Slice of Italy

Don’t just think about it, order it! Go on, enjoy a slice of Italy with our recommendations of the best Italian cuisine that Italian restaurants in Malaysia have to offer:

DV Ristorante Pizzeria: Why not start your meal with some antipasti such as Bruschetta or Funghi Gratinati? Sink your teeth into traditional Italian pizzas from this pizza joint that serves collections for meat lovers such as Smoked Duck, Smoked Salmon, Calzone and for vegetarians such as the Margherita and Asparagus. Alternatively, load up on some Pasta Fresca, like the Tagliatelle alla Bolognese or Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta. End your meal on a sweet note with some tiramisu or pannacotta.

italian lasagna delivery malaysia

Table9: Find all your classic Italian favourites in one place! Why not start off with some antipasti such as Honey Butter Garlic Chicken Wings to warm up your taste buds? Then move on to the mains and take your pick from an assortment of pasta and pizzas like the Aglio e Olio with Turkey Ham and Spinach or a Margherita Pizza and you’re good to go!

Enjoy your favourite Italian food within reach with GrabFood’s food delivery app. When the craving strikes, order from GrabFood for your authentic Italian food fix!

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