Hunt no more, the best dishes in Melaka are now available for delivery.

Forget about driving and maneuvering around the narrow roads in Melaka town to park your car just to get a meal. Let Grab take away your parking frustration, get your favourite food delivered to your doorstep from Grab Signatures restaurants, our curated list of Melaka eateries exclusively available on GrabFood. 

We know what satiates your senses. There are many to choose from. To begin with, here are some ideas of what we have in store for you with on Grab Signatures. Plus, you can get 2X GrabRewards and 40% OFF for every order between 17 August and 07 September 2021!

1. Sharing Plates

You know the restaurant is good if it’s been around long enough in Melaka like Sharing Plates. Melaka folks have very high standards of its food. So, if it’s still standing, you’re their darling.

Its Japanese-inspired Teriyaki Smoked Duck Rice is a winner for our tastebuds. The smoked duck is nicely done with succulent pink hues and crispy mahogany coloured skin. The teriyaki sauce basted on the smoked duck, gives it that sweet, tangy, umami undertones. It is served with rice cooked in local aromatics that is a perfect match for a satisfying meal.

2. Restoran King Kunyit

Sometimes, all you need is a simple food like Nasi Ayam Kunyit to feed your soul. The simple ingredient of turmeric, often taken for granted, packs a punch of flavour with well-marinated chicken, cooked to perfection in deep yellow tint. The staple spice at King Kunyit is top of its quality, giving it a consistently nice peppery and musky flavour to the fried chicken pieces.

Served with rice cooked in chicken broth, the Nasi Ayam Kunyit will wake up your palate when you don’t know what to eat. It’s a humble food big on taste. 

3. Shu Peo Korean BBQ

Getting the Special BBQ Set from Shu Peo Korean BBQ to be eaten at home is always a great idea. The set of pork belly, pork shoulder, kimchi soup, rice and banchan (side dishes), is easy to consume at home. The meat is sliced thinly making it easy to sear them on a hot plate. 

No Korean BBQ is complete without kimchi soup. It is said that the more funky the kimchi, the better the soup is. It is sourish and pairs well with the fatty meat. 

4. Restoran Lu Yeh Yen

Lu Yeh Yen is one of the oldest restaurants in Melaka with a battalion of skillful chefs churning out good food and never compromising quality.

Its Claypot Curry Fish Head is light yet flavourful. The clever mix of spices that results in light curry, exudes the fragrance and gives you a lip-smacking meal. Of course, cooking it in a claypot makes the curry even tastier and unforgettable. Yummy!

5. Grounded 22

To the delight of the locals, the Chicken Carbonara at Grounded 22 is a great interpretation of its distant cousin in Italy. The linguine soaks up the beautiful sauce made of chicken bacon, mushroom, parmesan cheese and garlic, and chicken meat for protein.

The sauce is creamy and dreamy, packed with flavours from the chicken bacon sauteed with garlic, you’ll lick the plate clean. Grounded 22 knows the local palates well and twisted western favourites for more oomph. 

All these restaurants are exclusively available on Grab Signatures for delivery. Plus, there’s no better time to enjoy these foods delivered to you than now because when you order from Grab Signatures restaurants, you will get 2X GrabRewards and 40% OFF for every order between 17 August and 07 September 2021. Don’t forget to use the promo code GRABSIGNATURES before you check out. Let’s go!

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