Support lokal! Just ‘Grab’ from these popular Sabahan restaurants.

Communal eating lifestyle in Kota Kinabalu has taken a pause during the pandemic. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favourite food at home, remotely with your family and friends. GrabFood can deliver your favourite food from your favourite Grab Signatures restaurants to you and your loved one, and have a virtual gathering. Senang bah.

Before you go on to find out what popular Sabahan restaurants are near you in Kota Kinabalu, you’ll be happy to know that you will earn 2X GrabRewards with every order from a Grab Signatures restaurant on GrabFood. 

If that doesn’t tickle your tastebuds, you’ll be even happier to know that you will also get 40% off your Grab Signatures order by using promo code GRABSIGNATURES (for orders in Kota Kinabalu) or SIGNATURES (if you are ordering from the Klang Valley). 

Order now from these popular Sabahan restaurants only with Grab Signatures. 

1. Grill Patio

What comes to mind when you see the word ‘cheezy burger’ to describe your food? To most people, it’s probably a burger with cheese in it. At Grill Patio, the Grilled Chicken Cheezy Burger is not just ‘cheezy’ on the patty but also on the potato chips that comes on the side. 

Grill Patio really delivers its promise of ‘cheezy’ food when they say so on the menu. The Grilled Chicken Cheezy Burger is surprisingly very juicy. The patty is slathered with a special sauce that moisten it. 

2. Kampung Nelayan

Miss having a seafood buffet at the floating restaurant? Fret not because GrabFood can deliver, especially the Chilli Crab with Mantao to you. Kampung Nelayan makes the best Chilli Crab in town. 

The tangy, sweet and spicy crab dish is prepared in such a way that builds up the flavours in your mouth. First, you’ll taste the sweetness of the sauce together with the meaty mud crab, and then the spice hits on you slowly, leaving a tingling tangy aftertaste. The sauce is often laden with the excess crab meat from the cooking process, and that is why you need the fried bun or mantao to soak up all the goodness of the crab. 

3. Restoran Nasi Kukus Ekonomi

Being on a budget shouldn’t deprive you of good food. Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah gives the simple pleasures of having steamed rice and savoury fried chicken on a budget so everyone can have something nutritious. 

Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah is high in demand for its fluffy white rice that’s been steamed and eaten with fried chicken that has been marinated in secret spices. Somehow, steamed rice is more aromatic and comforting to the taste bud. It also comes with home made chilli sauce to complete the meal. 

4. Teck Kee Restaurant (Non-Halal)

Tuaran Mee aka the gold noodle of Sabah at Teck Kee Restaurant is really a gold standard. To start with, the noodles itself is very fragrant because it’s made with egg and contains no preservatives. The dense texture makes a small portion of the noodle enough to keep your tummy happy for hours. 

This simple local favourite is stir-fried with egg, meat or seafood, and some vegetables. It is full of flavour and makes a satisfying meal!

5. Upperstar

Famished? Just order the Malaysian Delight from Upperstar. The favourite at this diner is a meal of flavoured rice that is served with generous portions of chicken curry, yakitori, BBQ chicken wing, fried egg and acar. 

Basically, the Malaysian Delight is a party on a plate with your all time favourite food served together with no compromise on taste. This platter is for you to enjoy and take time to savour. 

Order any of these popular local favourites today on GrabFood! When you order between 17 August and 07 September 2021, on top of the 2X GrabRewards, you will also get 40% off with your Grab Signatures order (discount capped up to RM10 per order, and a minimum order value of RM25). Let’s go!

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