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Grab’s “Delivering Tengah!” Project to Support Amenities Development in New Tengah HDB Town

The community development initiative seeks to improve access to everyday services and help residents better navigate the new town.

  • Advisor to Hong Kah North Grassroots Organisations Dr Amy Khor participated in Grab’s AI mapping exercise
  • Grab has mapped over 10km of roads and footpaths and over 160 points of interest in Tengah new town
  • Tengah residents will enjoy free Grab delivery1 from over 2,000 F&B and grocery stores from 14 June to 31 December 2024

13 June 2024, Singapore – Grab today launched “Delivering Tengah!”, a community development initiative to support the continual improvement of amenities in Singapore’s newest HDB Town, Tengah. Residents of Tengah new town can look forward to improved access to everyday services—such as taxi and ride-hailing services and food and grocery delivery.

As part of the “Delivering Tengah!” initiative, Grab is using its proprietary mapping technology to update maps with Tengah’s evolving network of roads and points of interests (POIs), to ease residents’ concerns around the difficulties of navigating roads amidst ongoing construction and to help driver- and delivery-partners find the right pick-up and drop-off points.

Since the commencement of the Tengah AI mapping project from March 2024, Grab has mapped six newly completed precincts where residents have collected the keys to their flats2, updating over 10 kilometres of roads and footpaths and over 160 POIs such as HDB block lift lobbies and businesses in Tengah new town. Grab has also contributed its road and footpath data to OpenStreetMap (OSM), an open source community, to benefit the broader network of businesses and individuals who use OSM.

Additionally, Grab will provide free delivery3 from over 2,000 F&B and grocery stores from 14 June to 31 December 2024, to ensure residents have access to a wider variety of food choices while malls and restaurants open up over time.

“As with any new town, there will be teething problems as infrastructure in the Tengah area is progressively developed, and Grab aims to bridge the gap during this period with our “Delivering Tengah!” initiative. We believe that updating the accuracy of maps is the first step to improve access to everyday, essential services for Tengah residents. For example, a new U-turn was recently created along one of the roads and our GrabMaps team updated that within a week. We share these updates with the open source mapping platform, so that everyone can benefit from the collaborative efforts of the OSM community,” said Yee Wee Tang, Managing Director, Grab Singapore.

Advisor to Hong Kah North Grassroots Organisations Dr Amy Khor participated in Grab’s ongoing AI mapping exercise in Tengah today.

“I’m happy that Grab is coming up with initiatives to help drivers and delivery partners improve wayfinding into the new precincts in Tengah, which complements government agencies’ efforts to improve mobile connectivity and the transport network here. Grab shared with me that the “Delivering Tengah!” initiative is to better map out roads, streets and pedestrian and cycling paths within the town using its proprietary mapping technology. Drivers and delivery riders will have more detailed and granular information for navigation, including access to more accurate pick-up and drop-off locations, and delivery routes within the town. Residents will benefit from this initiative that can help make deliveries and ride-hailing bookings more timely,” said Dr Amy Khor, Advisor to Hong Kah North Grassroots Organisations. 

Mapping Tengah new town with proprietary KartaCam tech

Mapping footpaths with the KartaCam Backpack

Grab used its homegrown map-making camera KartaCam 2 to map Tengah new town. KartaCam 2 is mounted on the roof of a car to collect high quality street-level imagery for mapmaking. Grab has also deployed the portable KartaCam Backpack to map the unique eco-living concept of Tengah new town, where there are more footpaths to encourage walking and cycling. This is also beneficial for delivery-partners who travel on foot or on bicycles, as they can now choose the most efficient path to their destinations.

Grab will map new precincts in Tengah as and when these are completed and key collection for completed housing projects commences, as well as continue to update the maps for the existing precincts as roads and POIs develop. Refer to Appendix for images from OSM that depict mapping changes in Tengah new town since 1 January 2024.

The KartaCam 2 camera, one of GrabMaps’ latest offerings that has won a Red Dot Design Award in 2024, uses virtual imaging AI mapping technologies and machine learning to capture and map roads, buildings, lobbies, street signs and other important features that help to direct driver- and delivery- partners to the correct blocks and flats.

Expanding food and grocery options for Tengah residents

As malls, supermarkets and restaurants in Tengah will open in phases over time, Tengah residents currently do not have convenient access to buy food and groceries. In a survey done by Grab in June 2024, 55% of residents indicated a reliance on food delivery to manage their meals. This can be largely attributed to limited options currently available in Tengah and the need to look to nearby towns for more food choices.

To bring greater convenience to Tengah residents, Grab will offer free delivery (capped at $8) for Tengah residents from over 2,000 merchants, including:

  • Fast food brands such as Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Subway;
  • Local favourites such as LiHo, Mr Coconut, Old Chang Kee;
  • Groceries brands such as Don Don Donki and GrabMart Grocer;
  • Pharmacies such as Guardian, Watsons, Unity

From 14 June to 31 December 2024, Tengah residents can enjoy two promotions for more food and grocery options. All residents can use the promo code “GRAB4TENGAH” for their GrabFood or GrabMart orders, with no minimum order required (redemption caps apply). First-time users of GrabMart Grocer can also use the promo code “TRYGMG” to get 15% off orders (capped at $8, with a minimum order of $35).

For more information on “Delivering Tengah!”, please visit the page here.

1Free deliveries are capped at SGD 8.  For more information, please visit the page here.

2As of 13 June 2024, HDB has issued keys to residents for six completed BTO projects out of 22 launched BTO projects in Tengah. These include Plantation Grange, Plantation Acres, Plantation Grove, Plantation Village, Garden Vale and Garden Vines. Garden Vale and Garden Vines were completed recently in May 2024.

3Free deliveries are capped at SGD 8. For more information, please visit the page here.

Appendix: images from OSM that depict mapping changes in Tengah new town since 1 January 2024

 Map showing Tengah new town. As of 13 Jun 2024, six out of the total 22 precincts have been completed, allowing residents to start moving in. This map shows the over 160 Points of Interest (POIs) mapped by Grab in the six precincts since March 2024.

Zoomed-in map of the six precincts in Tengah that Grab has contributed mapping to. Blue highlights represent areas mapped by OSM community as of 1 Jan 2024; green highlights represent additional areas mapped by OSM community as of 10 Jun 2024. 

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