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Grab Launches GrabFood Beta And Unveils Vision To Be An Everyday App

  • Moving beyond ride-hailing, Grab brings more Southeast Asians online through on-demand food and package delivery, cashless payments and financial services
  • Commute, eat, deliver and pay, consumers can now access all their daily essentials using Grab
  • GrabFood is here to bring more food vendors online to satisfy food cravings

Singapore, 28 May 2018 – Grab today launched an islandwide beta of GrabFood in Singapore, and unveiled its vision of an everyday app for Southeast Asian consumers’ most essential daily services: transport, food, delivery, and payments. This move enables Grab to bring more Southeast Asians online, providing consumers, driver-partners, delivery-partners, and merchant-partners with better convenience for everyday services and more income opportunities. GrabFood will be available in six Southeast Asian countries within this quarter, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

When Grab crossed the milestone of 1 billion rides across Southeast Asia in October last year, Grab surveyed consumers in the region to find out what people in Southeast Asia envision Grab to be like in ten years’ time – majority of the 500 consumers who responded wished for a one-stop, everyday app that complements their daily lives. To help Southeast Asians see into this future of a smart city with Grab as an enabler, the company released a video today showcasing how Grab is building an interconnected ecosystem of consumer services to make the everyday lives of people easier.

“As we build out an everyday app that offers transport, food and package delivery and mobile payments, Grab is focused on creating a seamless experience and unlocking value for our customers by offering complementary services on one platform. From the moment you wake up, you can plan and book your entire journey across different transport modes in one tap, shop and receive discounts on-the-go, and have your favourite foods and shopping delivered right to your doorstep – all enabled by one mobile wallet, within one everyday app. This is the future we are building towards and we look forward to working with industry players and governments to innovate and realise this vision together,” said Mr. Lim Kell Jay, Head of Grab Singapore.

“GrabFood is a major milestone in our journey to becoming the everyday app for consumers. The launch of GrabFood in Singapore will bring a wide range of dining options to more consumers, and provide more income opportunities for local merchants and delivery-partners. With GrabFood, we want to serve every palate and craving, and provide a platform for food vendors to come online and reach a wider consumer base. We see huge potential in helping vendors here reap incremental benefits and enjoy an increase of orders via GrabFood. This mutually beneficial ecosystem is what we aim to achieve here in Singapore,” added James Ong, Head of GrabFood Singapore.

GrabFood is here to satisfy your everyday cravings

GrabFood, the new on-demand food delivery service to bring the best food and beverage offerings in Singapore to consumers’ doorsteps, has arrived in Singapore. With thousands of merchant-partners such as A Poke Theory, Hock Lam Beef Noodles, Ji De Chi, McDonald’s, Wing Zone, and Yum Cha restaurant, GrabFood will serve up local and international delights, halal and non-halal cuisine as well as modern and traditional desserts. The islandwide beta is available from today.

There is a S$250-300 million total addressable market in Singapore for food delivery, and an estimated 4,000 restaurants and 12,000 hawkers stalls that are not yet served by food delivery apps. GrabFood will bring more food vendors online to offer the widest selection of cuisines and local delights for consumers, and more revenue opportunities for merchants.

With GrabFood, consumers now have more reasons to give in to their cravings:

  • No minimum order requirement – From light bites to big meals, consumers can order to their hearts’ desire without any minimum order requirement.
  • Schedule orders in advance – Have a party to host? Plan and order meals up to five days in advance with GrabFood. On the day of the delivery, track the status of the order in the app. Kick back, relax and wait for the food to arrive.
  • Get rewarded for every order – Every GrabFood order comes with GrabRewards points. For every dollar spent, consumers are treated to five times GrabRewards points which can be used to redeem rides or any discounts from the GrabRewards catalogue.(SGD1 = 5 GrabRewards points)

Delivery-partners can enjoy maximum freedom to earn supplementary income:

  • Earn and cash out anytime: Delivery-partners can work whenever they want without having to pre-book their delivery slots. All earnings for the day can be cashed out on the same day, without any delay.
  • Deliver with peace of mind: All delivery-partners are insured on-the-job at no additional cost to them. Grab has purchased Personal Accident Insurance for all delivery-partners to protect them in the event of an unfortunate accident.

“The GrabFood app is easy to use and allows me to receive my earnings within the same day. I am also glad to know that Grab is providing free Personal Accident Insurance to all delivery-partners so that we can work with a peace of mind. I look forward to serving GrabFood consumers islandwide,” said Abdullah Yusoff, 29, GrabFood delivery-partner.

For merchant-partners, Grab not only provides a food delivery service, but the opportunity to grow their business using Grab’s payments technology and platform. Benefits include:

  • Improved revenue and mindshare: Used by more than 95 million users across Southeast Asia, merchant-partners will have access to Grab’s wide consumer and corporate customer base. There’s also opportunity to run promotional campaigns and tap on the region’s largest loyalty programme, GrabRewards, to grow their brand.
  • Go cashless for improved productivity: Cash is an inefficient and time-consuming payment method for any business. Going cashless need not be expensive. Merchants can leverage Grab’s cashless payment service, GrabPay, at minimal upfront cost. GrabPay is one of the most used mobile wallets for consumers today.

Joey Lee, Founder of A Poke Theory, shared: “We were one of the first few merchants to adopt GrabPay when it launched in Singapore last year. Our experience has been great. Grab’s app is easy to use, and enables us to leverage its large user base and rewards platform. This is very beneficial for SMEs like ours. We see it as a natural segue to now tap on GrabFood to continue growing our business, and are excited to see the value it will bring.”

“We have partnered with Grab on all of its platforms from GrabPay to GrabRewards, and now GrabFood. The collaboration has allowed us to tap on Grab’s extensive user base, and we see repeat customers thanks to GrabRewards. We have seen great value in joining Grab’s platform and are excited to serve more customers from their homes with GrabFood,” said Johnny Mayani, President & CEO, Wing Zone Asia Pacific.

Download GrabFood today

Exclusively for foodies on the prowl for something to munch on, Grab is offering a special promotion to try out GrabFood. From now to 3 June, use the promo code 5OFF3 to enjoy $5 off three GrabFood orders. Download GrabFood on App Store and Google Play now.


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