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Grab Launches Beta Trial of Taxi-Hailing Service in Myanmar

<ul> <li><em>Southeast Asia’s largest ride-hailing company aims to work with taxi drivers to make Yangon transport system more efficient</em></li> <li><em>Yangon commuters can sign up for beta trial of GrabTaxi service today and enjoy fixed fare taxi rides </em></li> </ul>

Grab, the leading ride­hailing platform in Southeast Asia, has launched the beta trial of its GrabTaxi service in Yangon today. Grab will bring its ISO-certified best practices to Myanmar and support the government’s vision of making the Yangon transport system more efficient. Passengers can look forward to using the Grab mobile app to book taxis on-demand, and enjoy an easy-to-use and reliable travel experience. Existing taxi drivers can use the Grab app to get more passenger bookings and improve their livelihoods.

“Grab is a trusted transport brand across Southeast Asia, because we stay true to our values of helping to solve the local transportation challenges in each city that we operate in. As a start, we will focus on improving driver service and safety standards for taxis in Yangon. We have deep experience in using data analytics to better match taxi drivers to passengers, and have robust driver screening and training processes to ensure that our driver partners provide a safe and quality service,” said Cheryl Goh, Group Vice President of Marketing, Grab.

Cheryl Goh added, “Ride-hailing and using smartphones to book taxis is still a relatively new concept in Yangon. We are committed to work with the taxi industry and other transport stakeholders during our GrabTaxi beta trial, and work together to test and improve our taxi service to both drivers and passengers. Grab is privileged to be part of the country’s journey to reform the public transport network. As we work towards expanding in Myanmar, we invite taxi drivers to join Grab in this new journey to create the best commuting experience.”

Commuters and drivers can sign up for beta trial of GrabTaxi service today

Grab is offering a beta trial for users in the city to experience the convenience of taxi bookings. Users can sign up for the Grab beta trial starting today by downloading the Grab app for free from Google Play and the App Store. Grab will notify users if they are shortlisted for the beta trial and more details can be found at Grab’s website:

All taxi rides booked with the Grab app will offer an upfront, fixed fare, with no taxi booking fees. Grab’s taxi driver partners will also be trained to provide the best service, including training on using the Grab app and online maps to choose the fastest travel route, and in-person taxi inspection to ensure that taxis are comfortable and well-maintained.

Grab is currently working with a small group of taxi drivers. The beta trial will scale up gradually to allow Grab to test and improve the GrabTaxi service in Yangon, based on driver and passenger feedback.

Taxi drivers can also register to drive with Grab by sending an SMS with their vehicle plate number to 09765400450.

Grab aims to improve lives in Myanmar

Grab is the first in the ride-hailing industry to be awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Grab’s operational processes are internationally recognised, and Grab will apply these best practice standards to improving taxi services in Myanmar. The ISO certification validates Grab’s quality management systems, such as the handling of passenger enquiries, driver screening and onboarding processes, internal governance, as well as product and service offerings.

Grab has a strong record in Southeast Asia towards supporting local communities since its launch in Malaysia in 2012. Grab aims to:

  • Provide safer taxi rides to commuters in Yangon

Safety begins with safe drivers. Grab conducts stringent background checks to select the best driver partners for Grab, and provides training on safe driving to drivers. All drivers and passengers also enjoy Personal Accident Insurance, provided for free by Grab, which they can claim in the unfortunate event of accidents. The Grab app also has a share-my-ride feature that allows passengers to share their location with their friends and family, using real-time GPS tracking.

  • Improve the lives of taxi drivers

According to a Grab survey conducted with Grab driver partners across Southeast Asia, they reported that their average daily incomes increased by 35 per cent after they started using the Grab app. 6 in 10 driver partners also liked that they received training in new technology. With a smartphone, taxi drivers can become micro-entrepreneurs and earn more by finding passengers with the Grab app.

  • Provide more easily accessible and efficient taxi services

The Grab app uses big data to track where there are a lot of consumer bookings, and will alert available taxi drivers to head to those locations. Taxi drivers no longer need to wait by the side of the road or drive around to look for passengers. This helps drivers to improve their earnings and also reduces traffic congestion.

Grab currently operates its ride-hailing app services in six Southeast Asian countries – Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It has the largest driver base in the region with more than 710,000 drivers across 39 cities. There have been more than 36 million downloads of the Grab app. More information is available on

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