Number Masking Feature Updates

Dear driver-partners, we are excited to share our updated Number Masking privacy feature, which will further enhance the safety of our platform.  Together with GrabChat, our in-app messaging tool, this will help you to:

  • Have a greater peace of mind: Protect the privacy of our passengers and yourself
  • Lighten the load on your wallet: Improve the experience and reduce your phone bill when contacting a foreign passenger (the virtual number routes over a local landline +65 31XXXXXX!)

How to use:


  1. Click on the call icon in your Driver App as per normal
  2. This will open your native phone dialer displaying the virtual number starting with +65 31XXXXXX
  3. Press the call button to call your passenger
  4. Passenger receives call displaying the virtual number

To get started:

You are all set to go if you are calling from the same phone number as registered with Grab!

If you are calling from a device that is different, don’t worry, just follow this step-by-step guide to update your phone number:

Option 1. Call our support hotline (65) 6570 3925 to update your phone number on the spot. Our friendly agent will need to verify your account details.

Option 2. Fill in this request form to have our agent update your phone number within 24hours. You will be required to answer a series of questions to verify your account details.

All other Driver App settings will not be changed.

Useful troubleshooting tips during calls:

1. Unable to connect:
– Check that the phone number that you are using is the same as the one registered with Grab
– Check your network signal
– Check any difference when re-dialing

2. Volume is too soft:
– Check your volume settings
– Check your connection to any external microphone/ hands-free
– Check any difference without using external microphone/ hands-free

3. Delay in transmissions
– Check your network signal
– Check any difference when re-dialing

4. Distortion in voice
– Check your network signal
– Check any difference when re-dialing

If all fails, revert to GrabChat to message your passenger, here’s how.

PS: We have got really great reviews about GrabChat from our driver-partners and would love to get you onboard:

“GrabChat just allows me to communicate better with my passengers and makes it faster to locate them so that we can get a ride. Saves time, saves money!”

We would love your feedback! Send it to us here.

Timeline: We are currently testing the latest version of our Number Masking feature from 15 Dec 2016 – 31 Jan 2017 in Singapore.