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Over the past weeks, we talked to you, and heard your feedback that more than 50% of you would like to have more options to enhance your earnings other than just the current Earnings Guarantee programme that has been rolled-out to all driver-partners. Today, we want to bring back flexibility and empower you with choice with a new pilot earnings scheme.

Giving You Flexibility and Choice

This new earnings scheme allows you to collect ‘Gems‘ over the week by completing missions. These Gems converts into $ rewards at the end of the week. With this new scheme, it allows you to choose your missions based on your schedule and driving patterns to collect Gems and earn. You can decide if you would like to opt-in to this pilot programme at the bottom. (only 250 partners per Emerald Circle tier, first come first served)

Rewarding You for More Difficult Trips

We also know that not all trips are equal. Some trips take longer or more effort to complete, and this scheme rewards you for those more difficult trips. For example, peak hour trips in CBD gets you at least 4 Gems, compared to a regular trip of only 1 Gem. 

What Does This Mean For You?

-> A new way for you to boost your earnings
-> Lump sum payouts on top of fares
-> Reward you for more difficult jobs.
-> Flexibility based on your choices and habits

Illustrative Examples

Scenario 1: Driver-Partner auto-accepts and completes 1 JustGrab trip from River Valley to Orchard on Tue, 8:30AM. For this 1 booking, the breakdown of the Gems is:

1 Gem for the trip
+2 Gems for Peak Hour Trip
+1 Gem for Auto-Accept
Total Gems earned: 4 Gems

Scenario 2: Driver-Partner manually accepts 1 GrabShare trip (A) from Kranji to Sembawang on Sat, 10AM. He then enables Auto-Accept, and gets a GrabShare trip (B) match from Woodlands to Yishun. For the Matched GrabShare booking, the breakdown of the Gems are:

1 Gem for Match A
+2 Gems for Peak Hour Trip A
1 Gem for Match B
+2 Gems for Peak Hour Trip B
+1 Gem for Woodlands pick-up on Saturday
+1 Gem for Auto-Accept for Trip B
Total Gems earned: 8 Gems

REWARD SCENARIO: After 1 week, a Ruby Driver-Partner has managed to accumulate 250 Gems, while maintaining his AR at 90%, CR below 10%, DR at 4.3. By meeting Gems Target 2 for Ruby (230 Gems), he is eligible for a reward of $200.

Due to Strong Demand, we have reached the sign-up limit! However, you can still register on the WAIT-LIST using the button below. Do note that opting-in to the MISSIONS SCHEME will remove you from Earnings Guarantee.

Terms & Conditions

  • Please note that opting-in will remove you from Earnings Guarantee. However, you will still be eligible for Super Steady and other bonuses. After the pilot, you will be placed back on your respective Earnings Guarantee scheme
  • Missions Scheme is open to all GC and GT drivers
  • Reward payout is NOT commissions deductible
  • Do note that this is a pilot programme, open to 250 driver-partners in each tier only – first come first served
  • Payout of rewards will be the next day after the entire scheme has ended
  • Above 90% AR / Below 10% CR / Above 4.3 DR requirements applies for Gems
  • MyDestination trips are not qualified for earning Gems