Introducing Opt-In Shift Booking System

Introducing Grab’s first shift booking system! Motorcycle riders can now book their shift through our third party app – SLING. This shift booking pilot is an opt-in program valid from 23 March to 19 April 2020. Shifts will be released at least 1 week in advance. This schedule will only be visible to delivery-partners who have successfully registered.

Delivery-partners who did not opt-in for Shift Booking or did not book any shifts can still complete orders islandwide with preferred flexible timing.

Perks & Benefits of Shift Booking!

Important Dates & Information​

Duration: 23 March to 19 April 2020
Zone: Central Zone (Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Toa Payoh & Serangoon)

How Does Shift Booking Work?

Delivery-partners are to indicate their interest via our Sign Up Form and a SLING invite link will be sent to the registered email address. After downloading the SLING app from the Apple or Play store, the invite link received will prompt delivery-partners to sign up for a SLING account.

Available shifts will be in the SLING app and delivery-partners are able to select and book the shifts. Delivery-partners are also able to modify their own shift up until 4pm the day before the shift In the event that the shift(s) cannot be committed, delivery-partners will still be responsible for the released shift(s) until it has been booked by other available delivery-partners. Shifts book after 4pm the day before will not be counted

Payment & Calculation

Calculation of Online Hours
The online hours will be calculated based on the available hours via the Grab App. The sling app is only used to book shift slots. Clock in and out via Sling app will not affect the computed online hours

For online hours, shifts completed from Monday to Thursday, will be paid out within 48 hours and shifts completed from Friday to Sunday will be paid out latest by the following Tuesday

Calculation of Trips
Trips completed can be seen in the incentive scheme card. Incentives for trips per hour will be paid once the incentive period ends

Training Deck

Requirements and Criteria

All delivery-partners are to maintain
(1) Minimum of 80% acceptance rate
(2) Maximum of 20% cancellation rate
(3) Minimum 95% show up rate (actual hours/planned hours) (Actual refers to actual online hours and planned refers to the number of hours of shift booked)
(4) Delivery-riders in dedicated zonal fleets such as DTBM, Southeast and/or Southwest, will not be able to join our Central pilot shift booking
(5) Shift Booking pilot will only be opened to delivery-partner under the Motorcycle vehicle type

Delivery-partners who achieved below 95% of AVP rate will receive a prorated shift compensation. For AVP less than 50% delivery-partners will receive 1 strike

Strike & Appeal System​

For any failure to commit to the shift(s) selected, delivery-partners will face strikes. A 3-strike rule has been implemented and delivery-partner who receive 3 strikes will be banned from booking a shift. Grab will monitor your attendance and failure to turn up for shift will result in strike. 

Delivery-partners found out to be attempting possible fraud will be suspended from GrabFood platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Shift booking is to ensure that delivery-partner receives a minimum earning per hour and is able to delivery order within a desired zone

Our shift bookings are done via SLING, a third party app. 

Slots will be opened up to everyone at the same time. Booking of shifts come on a first come first serve basis and there will be a fixed number of slots available 

If the shift is happening 24 hours later, you can “offer shift” or “make shift available”. However, note that the responsibility of the shift is still yours until someone else takes up your shift. Failure to turn up for shift will be penalised (refer to strike & appeal system)

The earliest you can clock in is 15 minutes before your shift starts. However, you will have to at the designated location before you can clock in.

Delivery-partners can write in via our appeal form and it will be reviewed on a case by case basis

If you would like notifications to remind you to turn up for your shift or notifications for newsfeed, dashboard posts, you may head to more> settings and adjust accordingly to your preference.

Delivery-partners will still be responsible for the shift that they have booked, until someone else have taken the shift up. Delivery-partners can write in via our appeal form and it will be reviewed on a case by case basis

All shifts are release at the same time and slots allocated are on a first come first serve basis

All modification of shift will not be recognised 24 hours BEFORE the shift commence


For all feedback regarding our shift booking system, please direct them to our Feedback Form. For incentive scheme dispute and issue with payment, please write in to Grab’s Help Centre or Hotline at 69081038 or Live Chat (Driver app > Help Center > Live chat)

For SLING technical issue, please reach out to