Healthy Food Delivery Singapore

Healthy Food Delivery Singapore

In search of healthy food options around your area?

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GrabFood’s food delivery service offers a comprehensive list of healthy food places that serve tantalizing meals and yummy desserts which are not only healthy but taste amazing as well! Eating healthy will never be boring again.

GrabFood Healthy Food Delivery Singapore

Why eat healthy?

Having a healthy, well-balanced diet brings about a myriad of health benefits that you’ll be thankful for in the long run. Besides maintaining a healthy weight, healthy eating coupled with exercise can also help you lose weight for that perfect beach body. Furthermore, eating healthy reduces the risk of chronic diseases and increases your lifespan. What’s even more incredible is that you get an energy and mood boost as well, so you can get things done effectively and share happy vibes all around.

Popular healthy food choices

Health food is the rage among the health-conscious in Singapore and here are some of the popular ones to note:

Acai Berry: This superfood is chock full of antioxidants, fibre and nutrients to bring about a host of beneficial effects such as healthy skin, anti-ageing, a strengthened immune system and improved mental function.

Avocado: This humble stone fruit with a creamy texture is rich in nutrients and contains healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, which help reduces the risk of chronic diseases while promoting healthy complexion and hair.

Salad: This simple dish is low in fat and high in fibre and nutrients. Toss in some protein and carbs and you have everything you need for a well-rounded meal.

GrabFood Healthy Food Delivery

Quick and accessible healthy food with GrabFood

Healthy food delivery need not be a hassle especially with our food delivery app, which provides express delivery in a few simple steps, so your food arrives fresh (and dessert chilled!) at your doorstep. Here are some wholesome dining options to consider:

Munch Saladsmith: Choose from a range of proteins such as chicken and salmon, healthy carbs options like brown rice and pasta, and fresh vegetables to come up with a one-of-a-kind salad creation.

Absolute Acai: Customize your acai bowl with ingredients of your choice (think crunchy granola, fresh fruit and smooth nut butter) for endless enjoyable combinations.

Lean Juice Bar: Get your avocado fix with a variety of tasty blended avocado beverages offered alongside other awesome fruit and veggie juices.

Healthy food, happy body

There’s no need to compromise on your meal portions or taste preferences in order to keep fit. Enjoy a deliciously healthy meal, look good and feel amazing all at the same time. Download our food delivery app today!

Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

COVID-19 has dealt an unprecedented blow to the tourism industry, affecting the livelihoods of millions of workers. One of them was Komsan, an assistant chef in a luxury hotel based in the Srinakarin area.

As the number of tourists at the hotel plunged, he decided to sign up as a GrabFood delivery-partner to earn an alternative income. Soon after, the hotel ceased operations.

Komsan has viewed this change through an optimistic lens, calling it the perfect opportunity for him to embark on a fresh journey after his previous job. Aside from GrabFood deliveries, he now also picks up GrabExpress jobs. It can get tiring, having to shuttle between different locations, but Komsan finds it exciting. And mostly, he’s glad to get his income back on track.