What’s GrabFamily?

GrabFamily is divided into 2 categories:

GrabFamily (Ages 1-3)
GrabFamily (Ages 4-7)
Suitable for passengers Between 1 – 3 years old
Below 1 metre
Between 4 – 7 years old
Between 1 – 1.35 metres
Equipped with 1 car seat
(Urban Kanga / IMMI GO)
1 booster seat
Surcharge per seat used $5 $2

Why GrabFamily?


Whether it’s a weekend trip to the zoo or the school holidays, provide safe rides for families with young children anytime, anywhere.


Did you know that all passengers below 1.35 metres must be belted up with age-appropriate child restraint devices when travelling in a private-hire vehicle? Don’t risk it!


The car seat and booster seat offered on GrabFamily provide the same safety benefits that comply with the strict regulations in USA, Canada, and EU, all while taking up less space in your vehicle.


Take home increased earnings with every booking. On top of your base fare, earn an extra $2 with every mifold used and $5 with every Urban Kanga / IMMI GO used.

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GrabFamily (Ages 1-3)
GrabFamily (Ages 4-7)
About the training Learn to install the Urban Kanga car seat when you register for this training. Learn to install the mifold booster seat when you register for this training.
Surcharge per seat used $5 $2
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When passengers bring their own age-appropriate child restraint devices, you may accept the ride, even on non-GrabFamily services.

However, please note that slings and strap-on carriers are not compliant with LTA regulations.

Politely inform the passengers that children below 1.35 m must be secured with appropriate restraint devices while riding in private-hire vehicles.

If you’re a GrabFamily driver, you may apply the following surcharge for every child restraint device that you provide:

  • GrabFamily (Ages 1-3): $5 per Urban Kanga / IMMI GO used
  • GrabFamily (Ages 4-7): $2 per mifold used

Do communicate these additional charges to the passengers before you start the trip.

If you’re not a GrabFamily driver, please advise the passengers to book the correct service type instead. Alternatively, you may consider joining GrabFamily (Ages 1-3) and/or GrabFamily (Ages 4-7) if your Driver Rating is 4.60 or more.

If a passenger books a GrabFamily ride, the following surcharges would’ve been automatically added on top of the base fare:

  • GrabFamily (Ages 1-3): $5
  • GrabFamily (Ages 4-7): $2

If any additional car seat or booster seat is used during the ride, you may need to manually input the surcharge amount for each seat used.

If a passenger books a non-GrabFamily ride, no surcharge would’ve been included in the base fare. Hence if you’re a GrabFamily driver and any seat is used, you may impose the following surcharge, where applicable:

  • Urban Kanga / IMMI GO – $5 per car seat used
  • mifold – $2 per booster seat used

Of course! In fact, when you have both a car seat and booster seat, you’d never have to worry about cancelling on a passenger that comes with 2 children, one below 1 m and another between 1 – 1.35 m.

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