Your Guide to GrabFamily (Ages 4-7)

What is GrabFamily (Ages 4-7)?

GrabFamily (Ages 4-7) is an on-demand ride-hailing service equipped with 1 mifold booster seat for children aged 4 – 7 years old, between 1 – 1.35 metres in height.

I’ve signed up for the training! What’s next?
This training consists of 2 components which you must complete.

Training Checklist:

1. Online Training Module | Theoretical
There is 1 training video for you to watch. It’s important for you to go through the course material thoroughly so that you’ll save time during your practical session.

Step 1: To begin, launch your Grab Driver app.
Step 2: Tap on ‘More’‘Support’‘GrabAcademy’‘New Topics’.
Step 3: In the search engine, type in ‘GrabFamily’. You’ll see a list of GrabFamily modules.
Step 4: Select the GrabFamily (Ages 4-7) training video to access the course material.

Time needed: 10 minutes

2. On-Site Assessment | Practical
Demonstrate your competency by showing that you can correctly install the booster seat without any assistance. Once you pass this assessment, your training is complete and you will receive your mifold on the spot. Tip: Everything you need to know is in the training video.

Time needed: 5 – 15 minutes (depending on your competency)

About the On-Site Assessment
Once you have registered for the training and watched the training video, simply walk in for your assessment during the operating hours. Kindly note that NO REMINDERS WILL BE SENT so save it in your own calendar.

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
10 am to 6 pm

Training Venue:
Grab Driver Centre, Midview City
28 Sin Ming Lane #01-143 Singapore 573972 (Training Room T2)


  • Bring along your Grab Driver App for registration purpose.
  • You may purchase up to 2 mifolds at $30 per unit.
  • Deduction will be made through your Driver Credit Wallet within 2 working weeks.
  • You must come in person to purchase and collect the mifold.
  • Remember to register your mifold at for the warranty coverage as soon as you complete the training.
  • Resale of the mifold booster seats is strictly prohibited. It is a breach of our Code of Conduct and any person caught doing so will be liable to penalties.


Q: Am I eligible to join GrabFamily (Ages 4-7)?
A: As long as you meet the minimum requirement of at least a 4.60 Driver Rating, you are more than welcome to join us!

Q: When will I start receiving GrabFamily (Ages 4-7) jobs?
A: Once you’ve passed your On-Site Assessment and received your mifold booster seat from Grab, your GrabFamily (Ages 4-7) account will be activated immediately. Therefore, ensure that you always have the booster seat handy.

Q: When should I attend the On-Site Assessment?
A: You may attend the On-Site Assessment at any time during the operating hours. For a quicker process, please watch the training video beforehand.

Q: What costs should I be aware of?
A: Grab distributes mifold at $30 per unit and each driver can purchase up to 2 booster seats. Please take note that resale of the mifold booster seats is strictly prohibited and any person caught doing so will be liable to penalties.

Q: My mifold booster seat is defective. What should I do?
A: You’re strongly encouraged to check the condition of your booster seat before leaving the training facility. However, if you suspect that it’s defective, please stop using the product immediately and contact mifold at During this time, you may toggle off GrabFamily (Ages 4-7) on your Grab Driver App to stop receiving jobs for this service type.

Q: If I have more questions, how can I reach out to the GrabFamily team?
A: Please e-mail us at and we will respond within 3 working days.