Adding Amex cards has been temporarily disabled


Q: Why am I unable to add Amex cards?

GrabPay is currently upgrading its payment security measures to protect all payments made by Grab users. As part of this initiative, we will introduce a secure, two-factor authentication process (3DSecure) that will prompt users to enter an SMS OTP whenever they add an Amex card. We will re-enable the adding of Amex cards once this secure process has been introduced.


Q: Does this mean GrabPay no longer supports Amex cards?

No – GrabPay still supports Amex payments. This temporary disablement is so that we can introduce enhanced security measures to make the overall payment experience safer for our users. 


Q: Can I still use my existing saved Amex card to pay for Grab services?

Yes – if you have existing saved Amex cards, you can continue to use them to pay for Grab services or to top up your GrabPay wallet.


Q: What other payment methods can I use in the interim to pay for my Grab transactions?

In the interim, you can still top up your GrabPay wallet using your Amex card, and use your balance to pay for Grab services. You can also use any Visa/MasterCard credit or debit card, AliPay and PayPal to pay for your Grab transactions


Q: When will I be able to start adding Amex cards again?

We are working round-the-clock to introduce the enhanced security measures mentioned earlier, and we expect to re-enable adding of Amex cards within 3 to 4 weeks.