Latest GrabExpress Safety Guidelines

Your safety is our priority

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GrabExpress aims to provide a fast & safe on-demand delivery service to all our consumers including organisations and businesses.

However, it has come to our attention that there were some cases of irresponsible consumers who used GrabExpress service for illicit activities (i.e transporting drugs and other illegal items). To address this issue and help you stay safe while delivering, we have updated our safety guidelines!

  1. Ask the sender to show you the contents of the parcel and check if it matches the jobcard description.
  2. Clarify with the sender if there the weight of the parcel is suspicious (does not match the declared content)
  3. Take a picture of the contents using the Grab driver app. Include the sender in the picture if they allow you to do so.
  4. If the sender is not cooperative OR if the parcel is too suspicious, tell the sender to cancel the job or contact help centre to cancel it yourself. Please report to the Help Centre to make a compensation request for your journey.
  5. If the sender insists and continues to act suspiciously, accept the parcel if it is necessary to ensure your safety. Head to the nearest police station and inform our customer service. Please cooperate with the police if they need to take your statement.
  6. If the location of the sender or receiver is too suspicious, contact customer service and inform them about the location for further investigation. Take a picture of the location without endangering your safety if possible.
  1. Give full cooperation to the police in charge.
  2. Show your Grab driver app, and share the sender and receiver’s information.
  3. Allow the police to check the contents of your parcel if requested. Please inform Customer Service immediately.
  4. If the parcel contains drugs or other illegal items, please inform Customer Service immediately.
  1. Follow the instructions provided by the police and head to the station if necessary. Please refer here for your rights if you are detained.
  2. Get legal assistance if necessary. Please refer here for the legal aids list.
🔎 Important note: To ensure the safety of delivery-partners, all GrabExpress consumers are now required to submit a selfie for identity verification before they can use the service.
  1. If the receiver is unreachable, please inform us and return the parcel to the sender. 
  2. Click here for more info.
  1. With the MCO announcement, GrabExpress’ dust bag collection will be postponed until further notice. However, you are now allowed to do GrabExpress deliveries without using the dust bag as per normal procedure.
  2. Complete your GrabExpress training here and we will add the GrabExpress service type to your account on the next day.

Kindly be reminded that all members of the Grab community are required to follow the Code of Conduct and Terms of Services