All-new booking commission deduction

To give you more opportunities to earn!

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Starting 18 Nov 2019*, we’ll be changing how your booking commission will be deducted to give you more opportunities to earn!

  • Cashless bookings: Commission will be deducted from the fares instead of credit wallet. Driver-partners can still receive cashless bookings, even when their credit wallet balance is below the minimum balance!
  • [NEW!] Cash bookings: Commission will be deducted from both your cash wallet & credit wallet. Driver-partners can still receive cash bookings as long as there is enough balance in the cash wallet.

*This update will be launched in phases.

How does this work?

When your credit balance is below the minimum balance, you may still receive bookings (cashless & cash). Commissions will then be deducted from the cash wallet, instead of your credit wallet.

However, to avoid any disruption, please ensure that you meet the minimum credit wallet balance requirements*. To top up your credit wallet, head over to any 7-Eleven stores nationwide. For more info, click here.

*Minimum Credit Wallet Balance Requirements:
i) JustGrab, JustGrab (for Airport), GrabCar. GrabShare, GrabCar Plus & GrabCar Exec:
ii) GrabCar (6-seater), GrabCar Premium:
iii) GrabCar (Exec for Airport):

Note: For KLIA bookings, please ensure you meet the minimum credit wallet balance. Click here for more info.

How will this look like?

To accommodate the new commission deduction, we’re adding a few extra transactions to reflect the new process flow.

Here’s how the wallet transaction history will look like:


1. How does this change impact my credit wallet?

During the booking, commissions will be deducted from your credit wallet. However, after it’s completed, the amount will be auto-transferred from your cash wallet back into your credit wallet.

2. I noticed my credit wallet balance was negative during the booking. How is this possible?

With this change, your credit wallet balance would be able to go below 0 temporarily to allow you to receive more bookings when you don’t have the minimum balance in your credit wallet. Don’t worry, the balance will be restored to the original amount after the booking is completed.

3. Why hasn’t the commission deducted from my credit wallet, transferred back after the booking was completed?

In some cases, transfer of commission can sometimes fail or be delayed. However, this will not impact your earnings. If the failed/delayed transfer caused your credit wallet to go below the minimum credit wallet balance, kindly top up to continue receiving more bookings.

4. Do I still need to top up my credit wallet?

Yes, maintaining a sufficient credit wallet balance is still important for you to continue receiving bookings on the platform. As you’ll only receive a limited number of bookings with this new commission deduction, please still top up your credit wallet when your balance is lower than the minimum credit wallet balance.


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