Multi-city Support Feature

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Introducing the Multi-city Support feature! The last time we turned on this feature, it was for Raya 2018. This time around, effective 20 August 2018, we are going to keep it turned on always!

With this feature, you will be able to supplement your income by receiving jobs anywhere across Malaysia*, even outside of your registered home city. *T&C apply

Example: Bob’s home city is Klang Valley and he drives to Ipoh to visit some relatives.

Here’s what you need to do to continue receiving jobs when you travel out of your registered city.

  • Make sure your Grab driver app is on the latest version (at least v5.41.0 for Android and v1.28.0 for iOS).
  • Turn on availability when you’re ready to receive jobs

Terms and conditions:

  1. Applicable to cities where Grab operates in.
  2. You will be only eligible for fares in the new city you’re in.
  3. Jobs completed in the new city will not count towards your home city incentive targets.

Important information

Completing jobs at KLIA/KLIA2 & Sultan Ismail Petra Airport

Please note that you will have to wait at a designated area to get jobs from KLIA/KLIA2 or Sultan Ismail Petra Airport (Kota Bharu). Jobs will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Do familiarise yourself with how the queue works at both these airports:
1. More info for: KLIA Queue
2. More info for:
Kota Bharu Airport Queue

Do also note that Auto Accept will not be available at KLIA/KLIA2 and Sultan Ismail Petra Airport; even if you have toggled this on in your settings. You will need to accept jobs manually. Therefore, commissions will be based on non-Auto Accept rates.

Changing driver-partner account information

Please note that you need to go back to your home city’s Grab Driver Centre (GDC) OR be in your home city when you call Help Center if you would like to change any driver-partner account-related information. You will not be able to make any changes to your account if you do this outside your home city.


What do I need to do in order to receive jobs when I travel outside of my home city?

There is no action needed on your end, simply remember to turn on your driver app when you’re ready to receive jobs! Do make sure that you are on the latest app version.

Do I get to earn incentives in the new city?

No, you will only get to earn fares in the new city. The incentive section will display the new city incentives but because you’re eligible for only fares, there will not be any target progressions.

Do the jobs I receive in the new city count towards my incentive targets in my home city?

Unfortunately, they do not. Your home city incentives will be kept separate from the new city you are in.

What do I need to do when I go back to my home city?

There is no action needed on your end, you will automatically start receiving jobs and incentives once you travel back to your home city as long as your app is switched on.

Can I receive jobs wherever I am?

Yes, as long as you’re in cities where Grab operates in the country.

Will my AR and CR change when I enter a new city?

If you have never driven in that city, your AR and CR will start from 0. But do take note that you should maintain the same performance standards as your home city.

If you have driven in that city the last time we activated the Multi-city Support feature, your AR and CR will only refresh to 0 after you have completed one ride in that city.

Why can’t I see other service types (i.e. GrabCar Premium, GrabCar Plus) in the new city?

We’re launching this feature for GrabCar Economy, GrabCar 6-seater, JustGrab and JustGrab 6-seater only. However, please note that certain cities do not have all the stated service type.

When you’re in the new city, please check your “Service Type” under your driver profile to see which service types are available in the new city. Kindly note, you will not be able to toggle on or off any service types when you drive in the new city.

Do I need to update my app in order to enjoy this?

Yes, please update your app to the latest version (at least v5.41.0 for Android and v1.28.0 for iOS).  

How do I make sure I will have a job on the way back to my home city?

You could use the ‘My Destination’ feature to increase your likelihood of receiving a job that’s on the way back to your home city.


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