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What’s Next for GrabHitch SG-JB?

GrabHitch SG-JB updates

Thank you for trying out the GrabHitch SG-JB service. We have concluded our GrabHitch SG-JB fare-free pilot on 24 July. During this period, we have built up a strong community of drivers and passengers who are open to sharing a ride, making a new friend and contributing to a greener environment while travelling across the border.

Passengers can continue to book cross-border carpool rides, as we will continue to engage with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore and the Malaysian regulatory authority on a long-term solution to improve cross-border connectivity.

Meanwhile, passengers will not be required to pay a fare for any cross-border GrabHitch rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be required to pay a fare to travel across the border with GrabHitch?

No, passengers are not required to pay a fare for the cross-border service.

There is a sum displayed on the booking screen. What is this and am I required to pay the sum?

The sum displayed is the minimum cost borne by the GrabHitch driver for the passenger’s ride. Drivers would appreciate a gratuity to cover some of his costs. However, passengers are not required to pay the sum.

What is the difference between the fare-free pilot and this?

The pilot was for a limited, defined period of time. Based on the results of the pilot, passengers will now not be required to pay a fare for cross-border rides.