Raising the bar on safety in SEA

Grab's commitment to safety creates a shield of assurance for consumers and partners.


Our Impact in 2023:


99.99% of all rides continued to occur without any safety incidents*

*Reported and conclusive safety incidents across our mobility and deliveries services caused by driver-partners or passengers while on trip.


Grab rides were 6 times safer regionally when benchmarked against Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) Quality of Service (QoS).

Our comprehensive trip protection framework

Safety measures are in place before a ride or delivery begins.
During the trip, tools are provided to ensure safety.
Continuous feedback loop to improve the safety standard of our platform.

Grab's features to create safer journeys

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To guide all user groups to use our platform and services safely, we have established Codes of Conduct for our driver-partners and merchant-partners, as well as Terms and Policies and Privacy Policy for all users, including consumers.

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Mandatory safety training

All driver-partners are required to complete mandatory safety training when they first register with Grab to ensure they are equipped with the necessary knowledge to manage different safety incidents, should they happen.

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Mandatory sexual harassment training

These trainings guide our driver-partners on what might constitute sexual harassment, so that they are more mindful of their language and behaviour when ferrying passengers.

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Verification of both driver-partners and passengers, using real-time selfies.

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Content moderation

Content moderation on GrabChat to encourage respectful two-way communication: We use artificial intelligence in a content moderation model that detects and blocks inappropriate messages.

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Safety assurance with Grab

“I really appreciate that Grab has more stringent requirements and codes of conduct for its drivers, and I feel much more assured when riding with Grab. I also particularly like the SOS button and the share-my-location feature, which show how Grab is committed to the safety of its passengers.”

Abigail Emelly Theseira


Grab passenger

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