Exclusive Silver Cross Consultation package for Driver Partners

Healthway Medical is dedicated to the needs of you and your family with a wide network of GP clinics located within your neighbourhood.

Silver Cross Family Clinic consultation

Enjoy Grab driver-partner rates at $21.40 Nett for GP Consultation at Silver Cross Clinics

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Terms & conditions

  1. Excludes Congenital conditions and chronic illnesses (unless otherwise specified by the patient).
  2. Excludes Cosmetic treatment including acne treatment and cosmetic surgery
  3. Excludes Any expenses for treatment in mental or nervous disorders.
  4. Excludes Medical or surgical or other appliances including spectacles, contact lens or eye glasses and refraction’s or hearing aids.
  5. Excludes Treatment arising directly and indirectly from abuse of drugs or alcohol.
  6. Excludes Routine physical examination or health check-ups.
  7. Excludes Treatment pertaining to fertility.