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The BEST GrabTip to earn more: Free Sentosa entry!

Not only are fares typically higher, you also enjoy Free Entry when you have a trip request from Sentosa!

Here’s what you need to do to get a FREE entry into Sentosa:

If you have a trip request from Sentosa – FREE ENTRY

  1. Enter Sentosa using Manual Lanes 1 or 2 only. You should not have any passengers on board.
    • If the pick-up point is at any hotels on Sentosa, please proceed via Sentosa Gateway and not via the Resorts World carpark (as you will be incur the carpark’s first hour charges).
  2. Show the gantry staff your Grab driver app booking screen.
  3. Enter Sentosa for FREE! (Note:  No refunds if you enter by auto lanes)

If you are dropping off passenger in Sentosa – PASSENGER PAYS

  1. Pay for entrance fees.
  2. Enter entrance fees under “Tolls and Others” in the E-Receipt.
  3. Collect payment from passenger.

If either you or passenger has a Sentosa Islander Pass – FREE ENTRY

  1. Use Manual Lanes 1 or 2 only.
  2. Show the gantry staff the season pass.
  3. Enter Sentosa for free!
  4. Do not collect any payment from passenger (since none is paid).

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