How do I keep my account and device secure?

Practise these simple steps to keep your account and device safe.

Get the real deal

You can only access your passenger account using the official Grab app. Our reinforced system detects usage of unofficial passenger apps and blocks their access.

Abandon all non-Grab passenger apps and get the real deal from the Play Store or App Store now!

To share or not to share

The answer is NO!

Your password should be kept private, so don’t share it with anyone! Use a complex password to secure your account, instead of easy-to-guess information such as your name or date of birth. Don’t click on phishing emails or SMSes which ask for your password. No one should access your account apart from you. Not even Grab.

Stay safe with GrabPay PIN

GrabPay PIN is a security feature which gives your GrabPay added protection. Knowing your account is safe will give you a greater peace of mind!

Set your PIN now!

Verify your email

All important messages and receipts from Grab will be sent to your inbox, so keep it secure by verifying your email address. Otherwise, you can simply login to Grab using Facebook or Google and your email address will automatically be verified – an easy process!

How to verify email?