Supercharge your
energy savings


Significant Cost Savings

Save OVER 50% in fuel cost daily compared to a petrol vehicle


Fast Charging

ONLY 40MINS to charge battery from 20% to 80%


No Range-Anxiety

Multiple FAST charging points islandwide
Drive OVER 480km on a full charge


Ease of Use

First hand info on the nearest available charging stations via SP Group’s mobile app

The More You Drive, The More Savings You Get

Compared to a petrol SUV, you save so much more daily driving the Hyundai Kona!

Distance Hyundai Kona EV, Charging Cost* Nissan Qashqai, Petrol Cost** Vezel Hybrid, Petrol Cost***
100km $5.07 (12.8kwh) $15.20 (8.33 Liters) $9.12 (5 Litres)
200km $10.13 (25.6kwh) $30.40 (16.67 Liters) $18.24 (10 Litres)
300km $15.20 (38.4kwh) $45.60 (25 Liters) $27.36 (15 Litres)
400km $20.27 (51.2kwh) $60.80 (33.33 Liters) $36.48 (20 Litres)

* $0.40 per kwh
** Fuel efficiency of 12km/L
*** Fuel efficiency of 20km/L

Ideal For Full-Time Private-Hire Drivers

Every bit of savings counts! For full-time PHV drivers on the road 6 days a week,
$6 of savings a day on the Hyundai Kona equates to over $1,800 in a year!

Daily Cost Hyundai Kona, Electric Nissan Qashqai, Petrol Honda Vezel, Hybrid
Rental Cost, 12-Month Contract $78.95 $57.95 $75.95
Charging/Petrol Cost $15.20 $45.60 $27.36
Carpark Fee When Charging $3 $0 $0
Total Running Cost $97.15 $103.55 $103.31

Multiple Charging Stations Around Singapore

All Easily Accessible Through The SP Group App

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