What is GrabPay?

You’ve probably heard of it. But, do you really know what GrabPay is? GrabPay refers to a collection of all cashless payment methods below. GrabPay Wallet on the other hand, refers to the mobile wallet that holds the balance stored in your Grab app.

GrabPay Balance

Top up this in-app balance to pay for the widest range of Grab services

Credit / Debit Card

Link your card to make payments or to top up your GrabPay balance

Other Payment Methods

Link other payment methods such as PayPal to pay for select Grab services

Why go cashless with GrabPay?

More Convenient

With GrabPay, there is no need to wait for change when you arrive at your destination. Simply thank the driver and be on your way.

More Rewarding

GrabPay transactions earn you more GrabRewards points compared to cash. You can use these points to purchase Grab vouchers and other attractive rewards. Learn more about GrabRewards. 

More Services

Grab has grown from being a ride-hailing app to becoming an everyday everything app. From food deliveries to subscriptions, enjoy the widest range of our services by choosing to pay with GrabPay Wallet.

Award Winning Security

With GrabPIN and biometric authentication, 3DS protocols, award-winning anti-fraud technology and partnerships with trusted payment technology companies, GrabPay is committed to keeping your payments safe. 

Best Fraud Prevention Innovation 2016 award by

GrabPay is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

Start using GrabPay today.

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If you have any questions, visit our Help Centre for more information.