New Driver Training

We have enrolled you into this programme, to offer you more help to succeed as a Grab driver partner.

This programme offers you a total of 10 topics that covers important tips and useful information for new drivers like yourselves. The topics are listed below.

#1 Defensive Driving: Avoid Road Hazards
#2 Defensive Driving: Night Driving Dangers
#3 Avoid Harassment Misunderstanding
#4 How to Prevent Fatigue
#5 How to Prevent Distracted Driving
#6 Painful Cancellation
#7 Avoid Overcharging MIsunderstanding
#8 Account Security
#9 Get 5 Stars with Positive Service
#10 Crime Prevention


Each topic takes only 8 minutes to complete. Every two weeks, Grab will send you an in-app notification message to learn a new topic in GrabAcademy.

Start today and enjoy your learning journey!

How to Access GrabAcademy: