NEW and IMPROVED Halal Bag

[28 Feb Update: The Halal Bag Swap Exercise is suspended with immediate effect until further notice. Please wait for further notifications. Thank you for your patience.]

The NEW and BIGGER halal bag is here! You can now fit in large halal food items (pizza boxes, KFC party boxes) easily. Fulfilling large orders from halal-certified merchants will now be more convenient!

GrabFood will be conducting a halal bag swap exercise in the following weeks to get Partners equipped with the latest halal bag starting 3 Feb 2020. Existing partners simply have to bring their current halal bag down to our Grab Driver Centre at Midview City for a FREE exchange to the new halal bag.

Note : This exercise will be conducted in phases (between 3 Feb- 31 Mar 2020), please be patient and wait until you’re contacted!


How do I qualify for a free 1-for-1 exchange?

You need to be an existing GrabFood delivery-partner. Simple bring down your old halal bag for a one-time 1-for-1 exchange to the new halal bag. 

What if I don’t have my old halal bag for the exchange? Can I still get the new halal bag?

The free swap is only applicable if you have your existing bag for exchange.  Alternatively,  you may get the new halal bag at $5 from our center (Special price until 30 April only!)

I currently have a $50 gear deposit placed with GrabFood. I misplaced my old halal bag and I would like to get the new halal bag. Will my deposit be forfeited?

We will not forfeit your deposit in this scenario. You may purchase the new halal bag at $5* from our center (Special price until 30 April only!)

Can I exchange more than 1 halal bag for the new halal bag?

No you can’t. Only 1 exchange per account is allowed.

Can I continue using my old halal bag and not collect the new halal bag?

You are strongly encouraged to exchange your new halal bag at no cost. We have an increasing number of halal-certified merchants and in order for you to benefit from their delivery demands, a new and improved halal bag is REQUIRED

Violation of GrabFood gear standards may result in account suspension. 

I purchased multiple pieces of the OLD halal bags. What do I do with them?

You are encouraged to use the new halal bag and dispose of the old halal bag. You may bring them along when doing the swap and we’ll be happy to help with the disposal for free. 

*Payment can be made via NETS or GrabPay Credits.