GrabRentals – GRNavigate Program


  1. GRBeyond Hirer-Partners under previous cashback scheme
    1. Your wheels are issued based on the remaining cashback amount that has been committed to you.
  2. Other GrabRentals Hirer-Partners
    1. Every dollar you pay for rental, and/or Collision Damage Waiver/Vehicle Damage Protection scheme in the last calendar quarter, will entitle you to earn 1 wheel.

      You may also receive extra wheels for your tenure with GrabRentals, and for staying accident-free. For the purposes of calculating your entitlement to such extra wheels, Your tenure and accident rate will be assessed as at the end of the last calendar quarter.

You will be receiving a statement on the number of GRNavigate wheels you are eligible to redeem, together with the redemption link here.

Yes, the wheels will be valid for redemption only within the calendar quarter of issuance and will expire at the end of the same calendar quarter. Any wheels left unredeemed will not be available once expired.

A statement will be sent to you monthly via your Grab registered email.

You are required to have 8,500 or more wheels, and have made prompt payments for the entirety of the last calendar quarter in order to move up to Rising Star.

GRNavigate Program Terms & Conditions

  • This program is only applicable to GrabRentals hirer-partners who are renting a car from Grab Rentals Pte Ltd and who are not under any Ownership scheme administered by Grab Rentals Pte Ltd.
  • You must be an active GrabRentals hirer-partner at the point of GRNavigate wheels issuance and redemption, in order to validly receive such GRNavigate wheels and for such redemption to be valid, respectively.
  • You will be automatically disqualified from this program and you will not be entitled to receive any GRNavigate wheels (even if previously accrued) nor will you be entitled to redeem any GRNavigate wheels (even if previously received), immediately upon occurrence of any of the following events:
    • Your rental vehicle is returned to GrabRentals
    • Your rental vehicle is repossessed/impounded due to reasons including but not limited to
      • Consistently missed rental payments
      • Rental arrears
      • Legal offence(s)
    • You request for a temporary return of your rental vehicle due to reasons including but not limited to 
      • Medical reasons
      • Driver License suspension
      • PDVL or TDVL License suspension
    • You are on long-term suspension or banned from driving on the Grab platform
  • Your GRNavigate wheels are issued on a calendar quarter basis and will be prorated accordingly if the entirety of the previous calendar quarter did not fall within your period of vehicle rental.
  • GRNavigate wheels will be valid for redemption only within the calendar quarter of issuance and will expire at the end of such calendar quarter. Any wheels left unredeemed will not be available once expired. 
  • All wheels redemption request(s) will be reviewed and processed individually within 14 working days. We will reach out to you regarding the status of your request, via SMS, subject to your continuous rental with Grab Rentals Pte. Ltd. on the date of payout/issuance/collection/consumption of the reward, whichever applies.
  • Only completed redemption requests will be reviewed. If you have insufficient wheels available for redemption of the requested reward, the request will be rejected. 
  • All successfully redeemed rewards will or must be paid out/issued/collected/consumed within 7 working days from the date of approval by Grab Rentals Pte Ltd, unless otherwise communicated or permitted by Grab Rentals Pte Ltd. Any late collection/consumption may result in the forfeiture of wheels, rewards redeemed, or both. 
  • Only successful requestors will be contacted. If you do not hear from us within 14 working days from the time of your redemption request, you may assume that your request has been unsuccessful.
  • Grab Driver Credits redeemed will be credited into the Driver Cash Balance.
  • You are allowed to redeem up to a maximum of $50 Grab Driver Credits per week.
  • Rewards (which are not Grab Driver Credits) cannot be transferred to Grab Credit/Cash Balance or exchanged for cash
  • Refund and exchange are strictly not allowed for successfully redeemed rewards.
  • For any redemption involving an external vendor, you consent and agree to allow Grab Rentals Pte Ltd to share your details with the vendor for the purpose of redemption. You also consent to the collection, use, processing, disclosure and retention of your personal data for the purpose of GRNavigate benefits, and in accordance with Grab Privacy Policy(
  • Rewards issued or administered by third parties may be subject to additional terms and conditions as imposed by such third parties.
  • Grab Rentals Pte Ltd reserves the right to set off any outstanding amounts owing to Grab Rentals Pte Ltd against any GRNavigate wheels due to you, at the following conversion rate: SGD$1 = 200 wheels  
  • Grab Rentals Pte Ltd reserves the sole and absolute right to disqualify any hirer-partner or reject any hirer-partner deemed ineligible for the program (whether pursuant to these Terms & Conditions or where the hirer-partner has engaged in a conduct that Grab Rentals Pte Ltd considers inappropriate or unacceptable).
  • Grab Rentals Pte Ltd reserves the right to recover any cost associated with the redemption of GRNavigate wheels in cases where terms and conditions are breached. In case of dispute, Grab Rentals Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to make the final decision.
  • Grab Rentals Pte Ltd reserves the rights to claw back any campaign and/or program bonus wheels that were issued to the hirer-partner should there be a failure to meet the campaign and/or program’s requirements.
  • Grab Rentals Pte Ltd reserves the sole and absolute right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole terms and conditions of this program at any time without giving any prior notice or compensation to you. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, changes to this program may include, but are not limited to, changes from time to time in relation to: tier thresholds, multipliers, conversion rates in relation to wheels, criteria for earning wheels, number of wheels allocated for any criterion fulfilled, and/or availability, selection and/or value of any and all rewards.

Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

COVID-19 has dealt an unprecedented blow to the tourism industry, affecting the livelihoods of millions of workers. One of them was Komsan, an assistant chef in a luxury hotel based in the Srinakarin area.

As the number of tourists at the hotel plunged, he decided to sign up as a GrabFood delivery-partner to earn an alternative income. Soon after, the hotel ceased operations.

Komsan has viewed this change through an optimistic lens, calling it the perfect opportunity for him to embark on a fresh journey after his previous job. Aside from GrabFood deliveries, he now also picks up GrabExpress jobs. It can get tiring, having to shuttle between different locations, but Komsan finds it exciting. And mostly, he’s glad to get his income back on track.