Grab Fuel Card Terms and Conditions

The use of the Grab Fuel Card (“Card”) is governed by: (a) the Corporate Shell Card Standard Terms and Conditions prevailing from time to time, a copy of which is accessible at HERE; and (b) the Card’s system and procedures as may be amended from time to time (collectively, the “Terms and Conditions”).

By proceeding, I acknowledge and agree as follows:

1. I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions, and agree to be bound by them as if I were the Principal Cardholder named therein;

2. I authorise GrabCar Pte Ltd (“Grab”) to deduct the amounts outstanding that are set out in the invoice/statement of my Card sent or made available by Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd (“Shell”) to Grab. Grab is entitled to conclusively rely on and to base the amounts outstanding, without investigation, on the Card invoice(s) received from Shell;

3. Grab shall not be liable for (a) breach of any obligation, representation, warranty or covenant made or undertaken by me under the Terms and Conditions; (b) indirect special, consequential or punitive damages; (c) any losses due to forces beyond the control of Grab; or (d) any other circumstances hereunder except for Grab’s own negligence or willful misconduct;

4. Grab can collect, use and disclose the information provided by me in accordance with Grab’s Privacy Policy, found HERE, which I have read and understand; and

5. Information provided by me from time to time to Shell and/or Grab may be disclosed by them to each other, their affiliates and any other third party service providers (including but not limited to payment banks and debt collection agencies) and that they may collect, use, process, disclose or transfer (whether inside or outside of Singapore) my information for the purposes of performing the services and transactions contemplated by my use of the Card (including but not limited to the processing and recovery of payments).