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Welcome to the Grab Academy!

If you have received our Email and SMS, you have been selected as one of our valued partners to join the Grab Academy!

Grab Academy has been specially built with you in mind. It is a eLearning platform that aims to build your knowledge as a driver through fun games and quizzes. Each quiz will gain you points that you can use to win driver credits, fuel vouchers or more!

To get started, simply download the app and complete your 1st quiz to receive $10 in your credit wallet!


On top of that, as Grab Academy starts to expand, the following functions will be made available to you:

  • Weekly Prizes
  • Discovery Zone, a repository of learning materials (AVAILABLE NOW!)
  • Community Forums (launching soon)

Download the Grab Academy App today and start racking up those points!

Click the Grab Academy User Guide to learn how to use the App (also called Axonify)

Activation Code: grab
Username: Grab Registered Email (eg.
Password: Grab Registered Mobile Number with 65 (eg. 6591234567)

DiscoveryZone – NEW Feature Available!

Introducing our NEW feature in Grab Academy, DiscoveryZone – a one-stop information hub to driving with Grab, right at your fingertips!

Enrich your knowledge with learning materials such as short articles and videos for an enjoyable learning experience. Start your learning journey with a simple keyword search to find out information quicker or simply start with these useful guides:

  • App Smart: Learn how to use the Grab Driver app.
  • Drive Smart: Learn to handle road accidents and other safe driving tips.
  • Earn Smart: Check fares and surcharges.
  • Serve Smart: Read through Grab’s Code of Conduct and learn how to deliver an outstanding service

Bid on Prizes with your reward points!

Every Sunday, you can stand a chance to win Vouchers and Dax Credits (worth up to $50 each). Check the current highest bid (by other partners), and do more quizzes in the event your reward points aren’t enough!

Pro tip: As long as you have enough points to outbid the current bid, you have a chance of winning. So feel free to bid on as many prizes as possible.

Winners will be notified in the app and via SMS weekly.

Good luck!