GrabRentals - GR Beyond | Rental Recovery Waivers

Life is filled with uncertainty, but your rental doesn't have to be. GrabRentals extends a limited number of rental waivers when you need them most.

For Medical & Hospitalisation Reasons*

Contract duration  Rental recovery days
3 months 3 days
6 months 6 days
12 months 12 days
24 months 24 days (max 12 days per year)

*For your own safety, please note that the vehicle should not be utilised for ride-hailing purposes. 50km of contingency use is allowed.


For Compassionate Reasons

Contract duration  Rental recovery days
3 months 2 days
6 months 2 days
12 months 2 days
24 months 2 days

*Terms & conditions apply.

For enquiries, contact us at +65 3138 8644 or


Rental Recovery for Driver App Downtime*

While we work to resolve issues as quickly as possible, we also offer rental recovery if you were affected by a Grab driver app downtime.
*For driver app downtime ≥ 1 hour