GrabFood Delivery-Partner Gear

Starting 31 Oct 2019, GrabFood Delivery-Partner applicants will have to purchase the GrabFood gear package in order to be activated as a GrabFood Delivery-Partner.

Listed are the packages and items available for sale.


Motorcycle/Car/PAB/Bicycle Starter Pack
1 x Backpack
1 x Halal Bag
2 x Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Motorcycle/Car/PAB/Bicycle Upsized Pack
1 x Basic Starter Pack
1 x Sling Bag

Walker Starter Pack
1 x Sling Bag
1 x Halal Bag
2 x  Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Halal Bag
$5 (promo price until 30 Apr only!)
Sling Bag
Long Sleeve T-shirt
$10 each

GrabFood Gear Requirements

Why do I need to purchase the Delivery Gear?

Food Freshness & Safety: Our GrabFood thermal delivery bags are specially designed with insulating material to ensure that all food is delivered fresh, safe, and under the most optimal temperature conditions.

Brand and Priority: Play a part in building up a cohesive brand identity as a community of dedicated partners delivering under GrabFood. Make it easier for restaurants to identify and prioritise your orders too – because you’re a part of us!

Gear Rewarding Scheme: Be seen in our full gear, and stand a chance to win $50 (for 30 fully geared partners spotted every week)

What are the required gear I need to purchase to be a Delivery Partner with GrabFood?
Depending on your vehicle type, you will require the following GrabFood branded items:

What happens if I am found in violation of GrabFood’s equipment standards? How does the gear compliance penalty system work?

What if I do not have the requisite gear? Is there any way I can purchase what I need?
You may purchase the required GrabFood branded gear. Simply head down to our office in Sin Ming to get your additional gears. Find out more at


Compliance related

Is it now compulsory for all riders to wear the GrabFood shirt and carry the GrabFood delivery bag while delivering?

With effect from 22nd March 2019, we will be implementing certain equipment requirements for ALL riders partnering with us. If you are delivering with GrabFood, you are required to use our available gear sets as recommended, including our GrabFood branded shirts, thermal halal bag, and thermal delivery sling bag or thermal delivery backpack – depending on your vehicle type.


Will my account get suspended if I am caught in violation of GrabFood’s gear standards more than once?

Violation of GrabFood gear standards will not result in immediate account suspension or ban. However, repeated offenders showing consistently poor gear compliance will face account suspension or ban.


Shirt Related

I am currently delivering for both GrabFood and GrabExpress. If I am active on both platforms at the same time, am I allowed to carry along my GrabFood gear even if I am on GrabExpress trips at any given point in time?

Yes. In fact, you are expected to be wearing your GrabFood shirt and carrying your GrabFood bag so long as you are online and active on GrabFood. However, you are not allowed to place any GrabExpress parcels in the GrabFood bag for hygiene and food safety reasons. 


I made alterations to my GrabFood shirts. Will I get penalised?

If you have made alterations to your issued shirts, and if the GrabFood logo has been affected in any way, you will be required to purchase new t-shirts.


Bags Related

My backpack is damaged/stolen/lost. Do I have to purchase a new one?

Yes, you will be required to purchase a new set of gear at our Sin Ming office.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to purchase the Delivery Kit?
Once your application is approved, you will receive an SMS and e-Mail to tell you to come down to our Office in Sin Ming to purchase your kit and get activated.

(GrabFood Gear Collection Centre)
24 Sin Ming Lane,
#01-100 Midview City,
Singapore 573970

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri: 10am to 6pm
Sat, Sun & PH: Closed

How can I purchase the Delivery Kit?
You have two options on how to purchase the kit:

  1. By NETS
  2. By GrabPay Credits (Download the Grab Passenger App > Transfer money from your bank account to the GrabPay Wallet. Then Pay at the Grab Driver Centre using it.)

Note: Payment via the Grab Driver app wallet is not accepted.

I already have a thermal backpack. Do I need to purchase a starter pack?
Yes, all GrabFood Delivery-Partner applicants will have to purchase the Delivery Kit in order to be activated as a GrabFood Delivery-Partner. GrabFood branded gear purchase is a prerequisite for joining GrabFood as a delivery partner.