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"I once received a booking from a student passenger who intentionally entered a destination that was nearer than his intended one. He did so because he didn't have enough money to sign up for exams in Bangkok and was trying to save up for it. Without hesitation, I drove him to where he needed to go. Even though it was an additional 40km distance, I was happy to go the extra mile for him." - Arnutpon, Thailand

My GrabBike Family: “I vividly remember the day when my father got  into a traffic accident. I panicked because I was nowhere near the site of the accident. At a loss on what to do, I decided to call my GrabBike team leader and colleagues to ask for help if they happened to be around the area. My colleagues, some of whom I didn’t even know, were the first ones to show up at the scene to help my father. I was touched by their kindness and felt thankful to be a part of this GrabBike community. They are more than colleagues, they are a family. This community is my motivation to keep doing what I do and the reason why I enjoy my job as a GrabBike driver partner.” - Pham Vuong Thuy Linh, Vietnam

More Than Food Delivery: “I started my GrabFood journey by doing deliveries in the Toa Payoh area. During my delivery rounds, I noticed there were a number of homeless people around. Growing up in a family that wasn’t well to do, my heart went out to them and I wondered how I could help. That’s how I came up with this idea of a charity drive where like-minded GrabFood delivery riders rally together to buy, pack, and distribute food packages containing biscuits and packet drinks to the homeless people in the estate. We currently have about 20 to 30 of us who have invested time and money into this cause at our own expense. Thankfully, being delivery riders means that we are able to run this initiative while going about our jobs, delivering food packages to the homeless folks in Toa Payoh during the pockets of time we have in between deliveries. I know it’s not much, but seeing their faces light up whenever we deliver these food packages to them is what keeps me going. We don’t do this for fame or recognition, but we do appreciate the kind gestures from Grab in gifting us movie tickets and merchandise. It warms my heart to know that the company does care about us delivery-partners as well as the community we serve.” - Mohammad Khairul, Singapore  

Fruits of Labour: "When I was a student, managing my studies while working as a part-time GrabFood delivery rider was not easy. My classes started in the morning and ended at noon. From school, I headed straight to work that lasted till midnight. While I wanted to spend time studying for my exams, I was often too tired by the end of the day. Sometimes I doubted whether I could achieve my dream of completing my studies. I thought this dream of graduation was not for me, but my mother encouraged me to keep on going. So I worked hard. When I graduated and went up on stage to receive my diploma, I was so  happy, the feeling was out-of-this-world. I told myself, ‘this is it - the fruit of all my hard work and sacrifices.’" - Mark Jayson Osita, Philippines  

Stable Earnings: “When Grab first came into the market, I was still working as a taxi driver. As Grab operates through an app, I hesitated to sign up but I did anyway. Staff at the Grab driver centre really spent a lot of time to teach me how to use a smartphone and the app. Since driving with Grab, I am less stressed about looking for business as I am automatically assigned riders.” - Tang Jui Hai, Singapore

Inspired To Give Back: "I moved from Java to Kalimantan about 14 years ago to work as a guard at a shop, and a coolie, with the hope of providing my family with a better life. Last year, my friend introduced me to Grab and I took the chance to become a GrabBike driver. After a year, I started to enjoy my new routine. Last month, I decided to leave my job as a guard, and focus on being a full-time GrabBike driver. Every Friday, I give free GrabBike rides to customers. Some think that this is silly, but for me, this is the least I can do to help people around me. It's also a way that I show gratitude for the blessings I have received.” - Darno, Indonesia

Empowering Entrepreneurs: "I started my healthy catering business, EatGood, last year, after realising that finding nutritious food in Pontianak was difficult, despite rising demand for it. The first week of operation was the hardest period for our business as we received a lot of complaints from our customers because of delays in delivery. GrabExpress simplifies and accelerates the delivery process. We have managed to overcome our initial challenges and today, we have two employees preparing up to 80 orders every day with a total turnover of IDR50 million (USD5,000) per month!" - Julia Lim, Indonesia    

Confidence in Sharing: "Being a Grab driver with Tourette Syndrome is challenging especially when people doubt my ability to give them a safe ride. I had one passenger who wanted to drive instead, fearing we would be involved in an accident. I informed him that it was not allowed and besides, I could do it. Halfway through the trip, I saw him sleeping soundly in the passenger seat. When he got down, he said, "Kuya, napasaludo mo ko" ("Now, I admire you" in English). I hope people would look at the positive side. Like everyone else, I wouldn't go into a job if I know I'm not capable of doing it. It gives me joy whenever my passengers understand my condition. It warms my heart when I know I inspire my passengers and get to share stories with them. Because of them, I can prove to myself that my condition is not a hindrance in serving other people well." - Marlon Fuentes, Philippines

Bringing Happiness on The Road: "I like singing at home, especially during my days off but since my children started working late, and on night shifts, I stopped. That’s when I decided to transfer my karaoke system to the car. I started offering it to my passengers and they really enjoyed singing, and even wrote good reviews for me. Passengers would get excited when they find out they've booked the GrabCar with karaoke. Most of them would really sing during the entire trip, not minding the heavy traffic. Singing and karaoke makes their day better and lighter. It warms my heart to know that I am sharing happiness with my passengers. I’m already 65 but these moments make me feel young again. At least, I’m able to leave a legacy to them in my own little way and for me, that’s the best part about this job." - Raymond Ng Yu, Philippines

Joy in Kindness: “I am the family’s sole breadwinner as my husband passed away 4 years back, just before I joined Grab. This job has helped me pay my daughter’s college fee and I even covered part of her wedding with my savings. I have a lot of fun on the job as it has helped me to meet lots of people from different backgrounds. I once got a booking from an elementary student. We got talking and when I dropped him, he asked me if I could tutor him in maths as I had experience teaching my kids before. I agreed and went to his house to revise with him. Later, he called me to tell me he had nailed his test! I was so happy. It’s small things like this that counts in life!” - Siti Nurmala Sari, Indonesia  

Independent Woman: “I’ve been a GrabBike driver for 2 years. I joined Grab because of the flexibility of the job. I can spend more time with my loved ones. I also love it that I can be financially independent and not always depend on my husband’s income. As a female GrabBike driver, I feel safe enough to take passengers in the evening because fellow bikers look out for each other. I feel that I have ‘family’ wherever I go. One of my main challenges is that I do get rejected by some passengers as they do not want to ride with a female driver. But it’s okay - I will still give my best service.” - Fauziah Widiasara, Indonesia  

Passion and Compassion: “I never thought I would find my passion at my age. I got tired of office jobs and when I decided to join Grab in 2016, that’s the moment I realised that driving is really my passion. One of my more memorable moments was when I picked up a mother and daughter pair. The father had just died and they had to go back and forth from Cavite to the hospital in Makati to prepare the documents. It was evident that they haven’t slept at all due to the immense amount of work in preparation for the wake. Whenever I encounter situations like this, I don’t ask for the fare. No matter how big or small it is, I know it will be a big help to them. They say that you’ll only feel the joy and excitement when you’re new to the job. Now, I enjoy the best of both worlds - doing a full-time job and leading a council of different driver groups. In a male dominated industry, I’m proud to say that I’m one of the few lady drivers.” - Lisza Buscaino-Redulla, Philippines

Diverse Income Opportunities: "I’ve been operating my decorative fish kiosk at a different location but had to move to Radio Dalam in South Jakarta in 2008. Through the years, it has gotten more challenging to maintain the business. Many loyal customers from my previous location found it tough to get to the new place. Then, I started seeing a good business opportunity in airtime sales - many visitors often ask me for the nearest airtime kiosk. I started selling airtime and mobile accessories as well. Soon, I joined Kudo as an agent and that’s when my business really took off. Besides helping people with airtime top-ups airtime, I can also help them with bill payments, and to buy train tickets and online products. And when Grab and Kudo merged, I could register Grab drivers too! One of the best ways to let potential drivers know that I can register them easily is through Facebook. Since promoting via Facebook, I’ve recruited over 90 drivers from that platform alone." - Sumiyati, Indonesia.  

Driven by Faith: "I use Grab for many purposes, including work, but on the weekend, one of the most important places I head to using GrabBike is Paulus Church. Although I have to work on Sundays, going to church is something that cannot be missed, so I always take time out to worship. Paulus Church is the closest one to my workplace. I’ve been riding with Grab for more than a year now. There’s no need for me to use my own vehicle, especially when I’m tired after work." - Tanya, Indonesia

Love in Delivery: "We met in June 2018, during the GrabFood onboarding session in Kuala Lumpur. I thought she was attractive but we were just friends then. She didn’t start delivering food immediately, but she was in one of our rider group chats and that’s how we got to know each other better. Once when I had an accident but still continued delivering food while still bleeding from a wound, she really pushed me to see a doctor first. She was really concerned about me and I was touched. We are a ‘low-key’ couple. We like simple things. Our dates usually took place when we meet to catch up with each other and friends at Nagasari Curry House in KL - it’s where a lot of riders hang out when we are between jobs. When we decided to get married, the GrabFood theme for our photoshoot actually came from our photographer. She liked the colour green and wanted to have a green wedding. So, it all fit! We hope to start a family soon." - Mohd Afandi, Malaysia

Consistent Opportunities: "I used to be a taxi driver. One of the most frustrating things about my former job was dealing with the Metro Manila city traffic, and not knowing if I will have a passenger or not. It felt like I had no control over how many jobs I’d get. So, 5 years back, I decided to try a better solution to this problem - I signed up with Grab. I no longer have to drive mindlessly waiting for a street hail or get into long lines at the taxi stand. Bookings come in through the app and I feel empowered because I can choose when I’d like to work. I earn more consistently now and I have lesser worries about providing for my wife and 2 kids. I’ve been saving up too. I’m lucky to be able to send my children to private high schools. My Grab earnings also helped me buy 4 new cars which I now use and rent out as part of my business." - Jonathan, Philippines

Wedding Planning Made Easy: "We have been together for 7 years and we’re going to get married soon. The proposal happened during our grad trip in Japan. On one of the days we were there, I woke up earlier than her and rushed to the florist to get a bouquet of red roses. Now, we are busy with preparations for our wedding. We use Grab when we need to travel around to run several errands as there are days when we need to be at a few places. For a young couple like us, the wedding expenditure can be quite big. We need to watch our spending and budget well, especially if we also want to enjoy our dates. I found a great way to use GrabPay Credits. We top up $100 at the start of the week and make sure we spend only this amount for the entire week. In a way, Grab simplifies our life amidst all the crazy wedding preparations." - Ben, Singapore

Key to Independence: "I lost my sight to glaucoma when I was 4 years old. As a result, I only have light perception. As far as possible, I think I’m just like any other visually impaired person. I would like to be independent and do as many things as possible without much help. The Grab app has helped me to travel on my own more easily. The app works well with my phone’s screen reader function, where a pre-programmed voice would read out what’s on the screen. There’s this area where I can alert the driver about my condition and ask the driver to look out for me especially when I’m alone. In a big way, it alleviates my concerns about travelling. I no longer have to rely on family and friends, even if I have to go to unfamiliar places. I also like the “Share My Ride” function so that the people whom I’m meeting can look out for me when I arrive." - Sze Ling, Singapore

Empowering Women: "My husband has been driving for Grab for a few years. When Grab Philippines launched the first series of Grab Misiskolar (Grab Academy for Wives), I was really interested. It’s a program where wives of Grab drivers can take courses on various subjects, and also learn how to handle and grow money. I attended a course on Shampoo and Bar (soap) Making. It was very interesting and I am now selling my products through my sister’s store. I’m happy that I can contribute and help my family with daily expenses. I’m also saving up for new investment opportunities." - Gerly, Philippines.

Peace of Mind: "I’m a working mother of three. Since my two older kids were in Primay 4, I have encouraged them to be more independent. I would assign them household chores such as preparing the table for meals, and also, letting them travel on their own. Twice a week, my husband has to leave early for work. He wouldn’t be able to drop the kids at their respective schools and me at work. On those days, things get even busier than usual. I have to send the kids to school and get to work on time. That’s when we rely on Grab. I would communicate with my driver via GrabChat. I would tell the driver that my kids will be boarding the ride instead of me. GrabChat adds a human touch to the whole ride-hailing experience. As a mother, it reassures me and puts me at ease when the driver sends me a simple message to let me know whether my kids have been picked up or dropped off safely." - Masrinah, Singapore

Restoring Confidence: "I lost a leg in a road accident in 2001. Previously, I was working in the shipping industry, but I couldn’t go back to it. Recovery was painful - not only physically, but mentally as well. I was in a very bad place. I actually suffered from depression after my accident, and I felt like I was an outcast from society. But slowly, with the support of family and friends, I picked myself up. I hated being dependent on people and my current job helps me regain much of my independence. I’m able to earn a decent living doing a job that’s flexible. Flexibility is important as I get tired after being on my leg for a few hours at a stretch. With this job, I can go home, rest and resume working. There’s also a community of delivery partners who are handicapped like me. They motivate me. When I’m down, I’m inspired by them as they continue delivering food with their wheelchairs and mobility devices." - Sheriff, Singapore

Inspiring Delivery Community: “Since I had a stroke several years ago, I couldn’t go back to my job as a currency analyst. I became reliant on a mobility device, and my brain function and memory deteriorated. As the sole breadwinner of my family of 6, I really needed to pick myself up. I needed to continue earning a salary. Sadly, I was rejected by numerous potential employers due to my condition. I then decided to be a GrabFood delivery partner when the service started in Singapore in 2018. This job is great as it is flexible and I can do it with my mobility device. Customers are generally very open and understanding of my condition. The merchants are also very kind, and many of them even help to arrange the food orders nicely for me on my mobility device. With the flexibility I have, I am able to attend a digital marketing course from 9 to 5pm, and work as a GrabFood delivery partner at night. The work itself, I feel, has also helped to improve my memory and brain function. This is because I have to remember customers’ orders, and communicate with them and merchants. I am now also able to conduct quranic lessons once a week at my place. Our GrabFood delivery partner community is extremely close-knit, and we help each other out as much as possible. Many of us even chipped in to help one of the riders buy another e-scooter! I’m happy to be able to contribute again to my family and to others who are in need.” - Mokhtar, Singapore