Get 1st Month Free Subscription (upon installation)

Add-on: $1/day for Keyless Unlock System

Tired of meeting your relief drivers to hand your car keys over?

We have the perfect solution to this problem!

Here’s how:


*2-Months Minimum Subscription Period



You may contact Smove’s support hotline at 6423 0068.

You may contact GrabRentals’ hotline at 3138 8644. We will make arrangement to re-register the new card you’ve provided, and remove access from the lost card.

Termination clause

The minimum subscription period for installation of the Keyless Unlock System:

  • Two months

To uninstall the device,

  1. Fill up the withdrawal form via
  2. Submit the withdrawl form
  3. Your will be notify via phone-call to schedule for an uninstallation appointment

You may reschedule the uninstallation appointment by calling GrabRentals at 3138 8644.

Keys will not be required once the device has been installed.