Introducing GrabFamily for children aged 1-3!

 Providing Safer Rides To Younger Children!

It is our pleasure to introduce GrabFamily for ages 1-3. This new option will allow families with young children between the ages of 1 – 3 to book rides that can provide the correct car seat for their young children.

Contribute to safer rides for children and families in Singapore and stand to earn more by driving GrabFamily (Ages 1-3) trips!

Why drive GrabFamily (Ages 1-3) trips?

  • Provide safer rides to families with very young children and make a difference in their daily commute!
  • Earn more through increased bookings. Not only will you get an increased number of bookings, the base fare* will include an additional $5 as well!

*Prices are pegged to JustGrab fares

* The $5 fee is automatically included, and do not need to be added manually by the driver.

Who is eligible?

At the moment, only drivers who already have the IMMI GO car seat, and have undergone the appropriate training are eligible to drive GrabFamily (Ages 1-3) trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am currently driving GrabFamily trips, does this mean that I am also eligible for GrabFamily (Ages 1-3)
A: Unfortunately no. GrabFamily (1-3) require the IMMI GO Car seat, which is more suited for younger children, whereas the mifold car seat are only suited for children ages 4 and above. The training required to set up the IMMI GO seat is also different.

Q: I have the IMMI GO Car seat, am I eligible?
A: Unless you have also attended the appropriate training, you are not yet eligible for GrabFamily (Ages 1-3)

Q: Can I purchase the IMMI GO Car Seat from Grab?
A: At this moment, we’re only selling the mifold car seat, and are still looking into making the IMMI GO Car Seat available to you.