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Sample GrabHitch Potential Savings*

JB City Square to Woodlands and back ~ up to SGD 20
JB City Square to Orchard and back ~ up to SGD 36
AEON Bukit Indah to Jurong East and back ~ SGD 36

*Prices calculated based on 2 separate Hitch passengers riding in your car

What is GrabHitch?

GrabHitch is a social carpooling service that enables regular drivers like you and me to give fellow commuters a lift, meet new people, and cover the costs of owning a car.

Get your driving costs covered

Fill those empty seats with new friends going your way

Help mother nature reduce pollution and congestion

How It Works

Simply launch your Grab app to sign up.


Yes, definitely. The beta signup phase is for us to give early access for drivers to get onboard, which is why we are providing only limited slots. Once we launch the full version for both passengers and drivers, we will continue to expand our network of drivers.

With GrabHitch, we’re trying to do our bit to make driving more affordable by providing a service that lets you cover the cost of your ride when you give someone a lift. We also believe that life’s just a bit more interesting if you can meet someone new and like-minded whilst you’re on your way to your next destination.

GrabHitch recommends that you pick up one passenger per trip for the best experience.

However, there may be times where you wish to accept more than one passenger booking per trip. To do this, you can create two identical trip plans and accept passengers separately.

Please contact both passengers beforehand to make sure that they are comfortable with carpooling with each other. You are advised to give a discount to the passengers for their inconvenience.

You will be paid per booking, regardless of the number of passengers who were part of that booking, limited to the number of empty seats you have. You can indicate how many empty seats you have for your trip. Passengers who make the booking can indicate how many people are with them, so that you know ahead of time the total number of passengers you will be picking up. If you are not comfortable with the arrangement, you can choose not to accept the booking.

If the passenger chooses to pay by cash, please collect the fare at the end of the ride and if the passenger chooses to pay by card, your earnings as a GrabHitch driver will be credited directly into a driver account that we will set up for you. You can cash out the amount in this account at any time. All you need to do is to provide your bank account details to us.

GrabHitch is meant to offset the cost of each ride, including fuel cost and wear and tear. Fares for GrabHitch trips are calculated based on the distance of the journey. The kilometer cost is based on the cost of petrol and the cost of depreciation of the car (cost of carriage). Other incidental costs such as toll and VEP shall be borne by you.

Same as GrabTaxi and GrabCar bookings, passengers will input exact addresses as pickup locations so that you know exactly where to pick them up. This is to ensure the best possible experience for both you and the passenger.

Your vehicle insurance and personal insurance will cover the accident.

If the emergency or accident occurs on the Causeway, please call the Woodlands Checkpoint 24-hour hotline at +65 6767 5963 for immediate assistance.

If the emergency or accident occurs on the Second Link, please call the Tuas Checkpoint Duty Officer at for +65 6865 4627 / +65 6865 4645 (Arrival) or +65 6865 4676 / +65 6865 4693 (Departure) for immediate assistance.

If you require further assistance, please contact us through our 24-hour hotline for Malaysia 1300 80 5858, Singapore +65 6570 3925 or through email We will do our best to assist you.

There are no allowances for liquor/alcohol at the customs and the allowances may also differ between Malaysia and Singapore. The relevant duties apply when you make the declaration. Fines will be imposed if you do not declare such items and will cause delays in clearance.

For more information, you are advised to visit:
Singapore Duty Free Concession and GST Relief
Malaysia Dutiable, Controlled & Prohibited Items

Both Malaysia and Singapore border checkpoint authorities employ strict regulations against importing prohibited items.

Please refer here:
Singapore Controlled & Prohibited Items
Malaysia Dutiable, Controlled & Prohibited Items

You may choose to contact the respective country’s customs department for further clarification and information:
Singapore Custom Hotline: +65 6355 2000
Malaysia Custom Hotline: +603 7806 7200

Yes, If you are departing Singapore in a Singapore-registered motor vehicle, the vehicle’s motor fuel supply tank must be at least three-quarter tank full or risk being prosecuted in court and fined.

Please refer here:
Singapore Three-Quarter Tank Rule