Your New & Improved Driver App

Your driver app is getting a fresh new look & great new features!

The update will be gradually made available over the weekend. Update your app to v5.7.4 by Sunday night to continue enjoying uninterrupted access. This is a compulsory update so do update this at your convenience over the weekend.

In the new v5.7.4 update, some of the features you can expect are below

  • Heat Maps: Know where to go
  • Cleaner user interface (e.g. drop-off will not be shown on the pick up screen)
  • Improved booking flow
  • Home Screen Update (Toggle available for jobs)
  • And much more!

Why the update?

  1. To update the Android driver app with the iOS driver app in terms of interface
  2. Streamlining the app to get ready for upcoming features

1. Repositioning of Driver Profile/Information


  • Driver’s information can now be accessed through the navigation menu.
  • Click on “View Profile” to access driver’s information and to set vehicle type.

*Note: This version does not display the driver’s vehicle plate number.  We will implement this in an upcoming app update.

2. Use Heat Map to get more jobs


3. Activate the Driver’s App


4. Keep Track of Jobs in Job History


5. Manage Your GrabPay Wallet


6. Managing Advanced Bookings (GC Premium Only)


7. New Job Card Interface