Towards a better peak hour driving experience

We’re making improvements to help you earn more during peak hours

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Driving during rush hour can be frustrating, especially in busy areas. Traffic jams make pick-up and journey duration longer. Passengers cancel more often. Even the higher fares may not fully compensate you for the time you’re stuck on the road.

Effective 12PM (noon), 19 November 2018

Grab will be rolling out TWO key changes to make peak hour driving more rewarding in these cities.

If your city is not listed here, don’t worry, these changes will be coming to your city soon.

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Introducing Time Booster Bonus, where you are guaranteed a minimum earning per minute for every minute driven (estimated pickup minutes + estimated trip minutes).  

Every minute spent on picking up a passenger and being stuck in traffic is income lost. We cannot guarantee short pickup time for all bookings but when you see a far pickup, we will make sure you are paid fairly for every minute driving on a job. If your fare is too low for the total driving time, we will top you up. This will replace Far Pick-up Bonus per KM.

You will start receiving this bonus in higher amounts, especially for jobs with longer pick-up duration. These jobs tend to happen during peak hours and in busy areas. *T&C apply

6-Seater jobs will now be eligible for higher Time Booster Bonus compared to GrabCar jobs. For 6-seater guarantee amount, please also refer to your in-app weekly incentive notification starting Sunday (18 Nov).

For more information on how Time Booster Bonus is calculated, please refer to FAQ #1

Important notes: 

  1. This feature is not applicable for advanced bookings.
  2. This feature is only applicable for GrabCar, GrabCar (6-Seater), JustGrab GrabCar, JustGrab GrabCar (6-Seater), JustGrab GrabCar (10-Seater).

We understand that it is frustrating for driver-partners when a passenger doesn’t show up or cancels at the last minute. We have heard your feedback and we are committed to compensate you.

You will receive compensation when our system has detected that you are on the way to the pick-up location and any of the following scenario happens:

  1. “Passenger No Show” when you arrive at pickup point (after the applicable waiting time) OR
  2. Late cancellation by passenger (more than 5 minutes from time of booking)

The compensation amount is RM3 for GrabCar jobs. For the compensation amount for jobs on other service types,please refer to your in-app weekly incentive notification starting Sunday (18 Nov) for your city’s compensation amount.

This will be paid out to your cash wallet after every cancelled booking. Please do not collect from passengers.

Important notes: 

  1. This feature is not applicable for advanced bookings.
  2. Back-to-back jobs are not eligible for late cancels compensation.
  3. This feature is applicable for ALL driver-partners.
  4. We will not compensate those who did not make any real effort to go to the pick-up location. We will also take strict action against attempts to unfairly exploit this compensation, so that we can continue to uphold this feature for the large majority of our driver-partner community who are genuine.
     We will also be monitoring attempts to exploit this compensation unfairly.
  5. For the same reason, cancellation compensation will be removed for any driver-partner who has been detected abusing the cancellation reasons (e.g. to avoid impact to CR), or making passengers cancel.


Time Booster Bonus =

(guaranteed minimum earning per minute x total estimated minutes driven) – nett fare

Example: Jazmin earns RM5 in gross fare from a 3KM trip (12 trip minutes) with a pick-up time of 2 minutes.

Time Boosters will also be calculated upfront based on driving time (pick-up minutes + trip minutes) as estimated by our system. Grab does not take commissions from Time Booster Bonus.

You will be able to see the amount of the Time Booster Bonus for each ride on its job card and in the in-transit screen (for AA rides).

In your Job History & Partner Statement, Time Booster Bonus amounts will appear as “Bonus”. It will be paid together with your fares into your cash wallet immediately after the job is completed.

Time Booster Bonus is calculated based on system estimated trip time and the trip’s nett fare. The higher the trip’s fare per minute, the lower the Time Booster Bonus amount as you are already well compensated for the trip. If the fare per minute is higher than the booster amount, you won’t receive a booster payout.

The estimated trip time will be calculated upfront based on past traffic conditions. This might be different from your actual driving minute (based on Waze/ Google) because of unexpected traffic or a different proposed route from our system navigation.

While this is not perfect, we believe that it is a significant improvement from before. As we improve our navigation to take into account more real-time traffic, this will improve the accuracy of our Time Booster bonus.

If you didn’t receive a booster payout for some of your bookings, it’s because those bookings were not eligible for it as those bookings’ fare per minute is higher than the booster amount.

However, do let us know if you qualified for the booster but did not receive it after checking your job history and the weekly Partner Statement.

Please write in via Help Centre, by clicking here.

Yes, but the guaranteed minimum amount per minute and compensation amount will follow the city you’re driving in.

As we are rolling out these features out by city, please note that if you do a multi-city job, these features may not be available in certain cities until 3 December 2018.

If we detect that you did not make any effort to go to the pick-up location, you will not be compensated. However, do let us know if you are qualified for the compensation but did not receive compensation after checking your job history and the weekly Partner Statement.

Click here to write in via Help Centre.