Better Efficiency With Grouped Orders

Fewer cancelled orders for consumers, better earnings for delivery-partners!


In recent feedback sessions, delivery-partners (car & bike) like you have shared concerns about how fares are calculated for grouped orders in services such as GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabExpress 4 Hours.

Read more to understand how grouped order fares are calculated, and how grouping helps increase your overall earnings while reducing the number of cancelled orders for consumers.

How are fares calculated?

For all orders, grouped or individual, Grab calculates fares based on the distance travelled and time needed to complete the orders.

Fares for individual orders are calculated as the higher of:

  • Base fare + distance fare
  • Minimum fare

Fares for grouped orders are calculated as the higher of:

  • Base fare + distance fare + grouped order bonus
  • Minimum fare (applied to the entire group, not to each individual order in the group)

Example fare calculation

In this example, by completing the grouped order, delivery-partner will earn RM4 more than the individual order for:

  • the additional 2KM the delivery-partner needs to travel
  • the additional waiting time for the 2nd order (via grouped order bonus)

Delivery-partners completing grouped orders stand to earn more throughout the day as they are able to complete more orders in less time. This is because:

  • In grouped orders, some parts of each order’s journey overlap. This allows delivery-partner to complete more jobs in a single journey.
  • In grouped orders for GrabFood, delivery-partners usually spend less time waiting at the merchant compared to individual orders. This is because the merchant typically prepares the first and the second order at the same time.

We strive to ensure that, on average, you earn more for every minute you spend on grouped orders than on individual orders. We do this by adjusting the grouped order bonus and by continuously improving our grouping system.

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